Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Make Someone HAPPY Today!

I am always amazed by this constant TRUTH
that I have known as long as I can remember:

I am in Nashville, Tennessee staying at my favorite boutique hotel where I feel a sense of home and comfort that enriches my stay.  It is small enough where I see the staff as I enter and exit.  Their Hello's, Good morning's, Good afternoon's, Good evening's...How was your day's/night's? are asked with the warmth of friendship and they always connect with their eyes and a smile.  These seemingly simple exchanges touch me and remind me of the power of sincere kindness.

It has always been my practice to leave a tip each day with a note for the housekeeper as I feel they are the forgotten ones who make my stay easy.  I want them to know how much I appreciate them so I generally write:  THANK YOU! Enjoy this day...I appreciate you!  with a heart.

As I was walking through the hallway to my room Monday morning, Gaby, my housekeeper stopped me and took my hand saying in broken English: Thank you for my tip...God Bless You!  When I got inside there was a note from her to me:  Thanks!  You make me very happy today! with a smiley face and hearts and so much love that it caused me to tear up.

I began to reflect on how I left the tip and note with the intention of expressing my gratitude and it came back to me with such a force that it filled me - what we put out into the world always comes back to us. I am blown away! 

Today, I invite you to make someone HAPPY and watch how HAPPY it makes you.  Never underestimate the power of you and your ability to choose in any given moment generosity, kindness and gratitude.

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