Thursday, March 7, 2013


There is no greater feeling than OWNING all that you are
AND standing tall without apology!
(Stop the SHAME game.  Return HOME to your Self.)

As a coach and numerologist, I am privileged to be with people as they return home to their Self, reclaiming dormant energies that they abandoned over the years and activating potential that must be set free.  The journey of life takes us into the unexpected which can be difficult to navigate alone so I get to be with individuals during times of great transitions where beliefs are assessed and dismantled, what no long serves is acknowledged and laid to rest, visions and plans are created so new life can move through.

But it all starts with me and my relationship to my Self.  I couldn't do what I do if I was unable to own the truth of all that I am, stand tall without apology, let go of shame and return home to my Self.  This is an ongoing process and will be until my last breath so I welcome the discoveries found in each day.

I AM TOO MUCH!  I am.  At 44, I can say that, know it and delight in it.  Being too much was one of my original wounds where I was ashamed of not being like the other kids, talking too much, asking question after question, needing constant attention and assurance from adults and bouncing off the walls.  My mom used to say that she should have been my grandma.  I wore her out.  She used to shout at me with tears of frustration and out of sheer
exhaustion and desperation:  What do you want from me?  You are too much for me!   And I was.

All the TOO MUCH energy I was born with, when out of balance led me into destructive patterns and behaviors - binge eating, drinking and so on.  But in balance, it is my most treasured gift, an innate vitality that I get to share with the world through my being, speaking, writing and coaching.
When I met my late-husband, John, he was not afraid of my TOO MUCHness, celebrating it, inviting all of me to come out and play, entertaining him,
inspiring him and challenging the hell out of him.  He laughed at my fire and welcomed my roar.  He helped me own this sacred gift as angels we meet along our path do.

At my 20 year class reunion seeing photos splashed on the big screen of me rocking funky 80's headbands, red boots with holes cut out of them, flashy mini-skirts in bold colors, metallic silver eye liner with matching shadow, I absolutely fell in love with my TOO MUCHness, integrating more of this energy so I can use it.

Who are you?  What parts of you do you need to reclaim and own so you can USE the precious energy to express your truest Self?  I invite you to examine where shame still grips you.  Letting go of shame is a worthy mission
because the richest of lives is found in returning HOME to our Self so we can enjoy this grand adventure.

This is YOUR life!  What if it's FUN to be YOU? 

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