Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This LOVE!

Engraved on my earrings

Is the wisdom of Rumi:

“All I know of Spirit is this LOVE…”

This LOVE that “is”

The Heavens


The Earth

You and me

All of Creation

That which is visible

That which is invisible

The Soul force

The One

That is the breath we breathe

That beats our very heart

That fuels our lives

That holds us

Makes us whole

Even in our brokenness

This LOVE whispers wisdom

From the depths of us

If we dare to tune in

Silencing the noise of chaos & drama

Allowing this quiet connection

That longs to free us

Enliven us

Bring on the Joy

In living this life


Is the Net

Holding us

As we walk the tight rope

The high wire that terrifies us

As step by step

We learn to Trust

All that lies within us

Who we truly are

Connected to


That’s GOT us


Every moment

Moments of Fear

When we are in the Crazy

And Moments of Grace

When we remember:

We are not here to play it safe

We are here to come ALIVE

To give our Self AWAY


Sharing because we MUST

In this Mystical dance

Following the invisible rhythm

That vibrates

From the fire in our bellies

Never letting up


And changing

But never-ceasing


The inner flow

A cadence echoing from the Soul

Leading and guiding us

To our Truest Life

The Sacred Blueprint

The Gold

The Treasure within

Awake to the Beauty we are

And have always been

The recognition of Truth:

We are The Swan

Not the Ugly Duckling

We have always been The Swan


We will always be The Swan

Eyes wide OPEN

We see


We truly are

This LOVE.


The joy in living is born of this LOVE.  Plugged in to this Truth that we are this LOVE we flow into the moments of our lives with an authentic sense of purpose beyond the roles we play, beyond the boxes we place ourselves in out of a need to define who we are in our search for meaning in our very existence.  When we consciously connect to this LOVE that abides within us and within all of creation, all that we do, all the roles that we play are infused with profound meaning shattering the boxes and definitions with limitlessness in the ecstatic dance of soulful living.  We enter the outer world resting in This LOVE, this home we take with us wherever we go which allows us to be unconditionally present to life.  This LOVE, free of our human conditions, free of our addiction to perfection, free of our judgments that perpetuate shame and guilt, ignites the passion, the well within that springs from knowing we are This LOVE; and this fills us with awe.  No longer separate from This LOVE, we are carried to new worlds within ready to sing and it is our joy to share these songs that they might remind others of the songs that lie within them.  We rise in This LOVE not for some narcissistic pursuit, to elevate our Self above others but from true generosity that comes from the soul expressing through us as us because it must share all that lies within – the pleasure in this immeasurable; we pour our Self into the whole of the world in a joyful dance, nourishing the ONEness, the connection, the melting pot of life which in its purest exchange knows what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine. Withholding This LOVE represses what is natural, the organic flow of life through us into all life.  But once known This LOVE cannot be withheld as we come to see with the eyes of the soul that cutting it off, cuts off the breath of life.  Living in This LOVE we carry an abiding Thank you! in our hearts come what may, all our days here on earth.  And it is This LOVE that lives on long after our physical bodies have been laid to rest – the vibration of This LOVE infinite and eternal!     

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