Sunday, October 6, 2013

From the NOTHINGness


Just like the night sky

One moment appearing empty

The next moment stars burst through

Made visible by the changing cycles

From the NOTHINGness

The white spaces in our days

MORE life springs

Out of nowhere




In perfect time

Blossom us…

The Vulture

Like a kite in the sky

Allowing the winds

To carry it where it will

No flapping

No fighting against

Sweetly surrendered

Trusting its instincts

Circling majestically above me

As I swam in the lake

Then, as quickly as it appeared

It disappeared into the trees

What came to mind?

“Take me with you!”

And in an instant

I knew

My heart’s desires

Washing up from the NOTHINGness

Leaping from my soul

Connected to the Vulture

Connected to the One

Connected to all life

Inviting MORE

From the NOTHINGness

Another level of allowing

Surrendering to new expression

Going deeper into the unknown

Letting go of all that can’t go with me

On my solo flight

Trusting the flow of life

To take me

Where I alone

Wouldn’t dare to go

Where beyond my knowing

MORE springs

MORE is discovered

MORE lives

Waiting to be ushered into Life

From the NOTHINGness



My hands breaking through the waters

My feet kicking beneath

Pushing my body

From shore to shore

The Sun bathing me

Feeding me with its Presence

MORE revealed






SO Glorious!


Culturally, we are so afraid of doing nothing; we spend our days, our precious lives doing anything. We fill our calendars without consciously considering what we are plugging our energy, our life force into, mindlessly doing and committing until life becomes robotic, spinning away like hamsters on a wheel.  And it is difficult to give our Self permission to reflect on what we want and need or if the busyness from over-scheduling our lives is serving us because most people we know and love are riding the crazy train with us unable to jump off even though they are holding on by a thread.

There is definitely an art to doing nothing in the rhythm of do…be…do…be…that I have come to celebrate as it has awakened my sense of joy in living making my life rich beyond measure.  Now, it was a long road as I dangled from the crazy train with scrapes, gashes and scars as I banged into life hanging on by the thread as if my life depended on it.  It was familiar.  It was known.  It was a comfortable thrashing.  It was a badge of honor.  It was proof of my worth.  And I didn’t know I was crazy until I jumped off.

From the NOTHINGness more life sprang!    

What the hell is she DOing?  She should be DOing XY&Z!  Has she lost her mind?! All projections from the peanut gallery, from those well-intended people who actually cared about me but needed me back on the crazy train in order to be comfortable, in order to connect with me.  My departure into my solo flight while threatening to some was essential to the more springing from the well within. 

From the NOTHINGness more life was revealed through visions and guidance from my inner compass, my soul possessing higher wisdom that had longed to take me into my truest Self so I could live my dreams awake.  ALL from doing NOTHING:  I know JOY, PEACE, LOVE, PASSION, GRACE, FAITH, HOPE which fuel my life like the winds carrying the vulture. 

The invitation this day and this lifetime is to experience the immeasurable gifts that spring from the NOTHINGness.  Challenge the belief imprinted upon you that it is better to do anything than nothing.  Honor your life by mindfully filling your days understanding your value and the value of each day given to you.  Children are experts at doing nothing as they aren’t expected to do anything but play.  Living with childlike wonder begins with dropping into the white spaces within the day and letting them echo the Truth that lies within you:  your deepest desires for your life…what you really want and need…what makes you come alive with a sense of JOY in living? 

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