Monday, October 21, 2013

Peyton's GREATness!

The Essence

Of who we are

Is GREATness

Seeds of Promise

That we come here

To fulfill

In the Joy of Living

In the Expression of Self







On solo flights


With the collective

The whole of humanity

In connection

We celebrate

Those who we recognize


But in truth

GREATness lies in each of us

But those OUT in the world

Shining brightly

For all to see

Are there

To remind us

Of the potential

Stirring within all of humanity

They are mere mortals

Like us




They are divine beings

Like us



To acknowledge

Our own GREATness

To see our HEROES

Are human

Just like us

OPENS the gifts

Waiting to be

Ushered into this world

As only each of us

Can do

No need for a Superman cape


Wonder Woman cape

Showing up

Being who we are

Loving each day

Living it all

Sprinkling our own

Special juju


Blossoming in extraordinary ways

That no one celebrates

That no one cheers for

That will never make the news

That no one sees

But Us

Understanding that the seemingly ordinary

Is bursting

With GREATness

We matter

We all matter

We do.


I am a Peyton Manning fan so when the Colts cut him loose and he went to play for the Bronco’s, I became a Bronco’s fan, watching all of the games and cheering them on with a vigor equal to the Colts.  But I call myself a Colts fan when people ask me who my team is.  Imagine my surprise while attending the Colts versus Denver game in Indianapolis last night when I felt no pleasure at all that the Colts were winning.  It made me sad to see Peyton and the Bronco’s struggling not competing but beating their selves over and over.  The final score was Colts 39, Denver 33 but it felt like a blow out because there was no sign of the GREATness that Peyton embodies supported by his Denver team. 
It was an opportunity for me to reflect on how I and how we collectively project perfection onto those like Peyton that we celebrate, that we hero worship, that we see as beyond human.  My expectations of Peyton were based on my need to be inspired by what he is out in the world doing, mirroring GREATness for me and all; but what a gift he bestowed on us reminding us that we are all GREAT and we are all human, fallible, imperfect.

Most of us will never make national or international news recognized for our own special juju, our unique gifts, our GREATness, but it is a beautiful thing to recognize that the essence of who we are is GREATness.  No matter how messy we show up in a moment, in a day, in a lifetime, there is BEAUTY, seeds of promise bursting from us. Others may never see the extraordinary revealed the seemingly ordinary ways we express our Self as we live our lives sprinkling our Self breath by breath all of our days.  But we matter!  We do. 

The invitation this day is to pause and recognize, become fully conscious that GREATness lies within you.  On your worst day, in your ugliest moments, during those periods of life where you wish you could ask for a do-over trust that the beauty you are was present, and is present no matter how you judge your Self.  Enjoy sharing your GREATness with the world and being who you are, both human and divine.  In this energy, you remind others to celebrate all that they are and make space for the humanness that is as juicy and alive as our divinity. 

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