Thursday, October 10, 2013

But DREAM I Must!


Never taught to DREAM

But DREAM I Must!

Soul singing louder than conditioning

Pulling me into Truth


My truest Self

My truest Life

The wisdom of the Ages

The secrets of the Universe

Whisper to me

Echo from the depths of me

Pouring through me

Like Waterfalls



Each drop

Containing MAGIC



Grounding through me

Innately wired to DREAM

Beyond the Story

That no one taught me to DREAM

No one believed in me

We are liberated by the KNOWING:

DREAM I must!

BELIEVE in My Self I must!

Ushering us from Victim to Victor

We muster the courage

To go where we have never gone

To lift our sails

We connect to our inner

Little Engine That Could

Fueled by the well of Passion

Powering up the mountain

“I think I can!  I think I can!

I can!  I can!  I can!”

Mumbling to our Self:

 “I believe!  I believe!  I believe in ME!”

The DREAMs have been there all along

Waiting for me to show up

In perfect time

Claim them

Stand in them

Enjoy them

Share them

No tangling in shoulda’, coulda’, woulda’

DREAMs cannot hatch in regret

Stuck in the past

In how we wish life

Shoulda’, coulda’, woulda’ been

We take our Self

By the hand

Become our own Teacher

Acknowledging that we were never taught

But DREAM we Must!
There was a knowing that flashed over me:  Never taught to dream but DREAM I must!  It is fascinating to me that even when we are not taught to dream, when we are raised in families that drill into our minds that dreams are for feather-heads, that scoff at the notion that we could live our dreams, DREAM we must.  We are innately wired to dream, to create a life that feels good, that makes us come alive fueled by the well of passion.  We are all dreamers!  As long as there is breath in our bodies, we are launching dreams, wanting more for our Self, our families and for the world.  Believing in our Self is how we cultivate the hatching potential ready to come out and play.

Our ability to BELIEVE! in our Self and our dreams is often dammed up, the flow stopped as we get stuck in the past, tangled in shoulda’, coulda’, woulda’, wishing we had been taught and encouraged to dream.  Beyond our stories that no one believed in us, that no one taught us to dream, our dreams await.  Free from the victim consciousness that sucks the life and the dreams out of us, that holds us energetically in the past wounds, lies our hero’s journey as we become victors stoking our inner fire with unwavering belief, taking our Self by the hand, showering our Self with love and compassion, becoming our own teacher as we show up fully engaged in life day by day by day. 

In perfect time tuned in to our truest Self, we step into the dreams, our truest life that have been there all along waiting for us to claim them, stand in them, enjoy them and share them generously as our excitement for life feeds others.  Acknowledging that we were never taught to dream but DREAM we must!  The soul singing louder than our conditioning pulls us into TRUTH, awakening the potential, the dormant energies, the new worlds within ready to SING the songs that fill us with joy.

The invitation this day and this lifetime is to consciously summon your dreams, your truest life and claim what you truly want.  Be mindful of any residue of the victim story where we limit our Self through our tethering to the past and how we wish things coulda’, shoulda’, woulda’ been.  We cannot undo what has been done.  But we can rewrite here and now, the script for our life, embracing the life we want to create, tuning in to that feeling of excitement and BELIEVING in our Self no matter what.  Step by step, we live the DREAM awake, trusting everything is unfolding perfectly, expecting miracles and remembering:  We are here to come ALIVE!  and asking over and over:  What makes me come ALIVE?  hatching new dreams in line with our ever-expanding Self.

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