Wednesday, October 16, 2013

LOVE is so damn GOOD.



A gift from the gods

The heavens

Shining through US

Through others

We are GRACE in form

Heart to heart

Hand to hand

Standing with each other

Come what may

LOVE is so damn GOOD

It is as essential

As the breath we breathe

We can walk through personal hells

Held in LOVE

So Big


The greatest gift we give each other

Loving each other UP

A force-field


Oh, JOY!





LOVE is so damn GOOD

Transforming US


Wrapped in LOVE

We are changed

We are elevated

We are fed

We become the MORE

We always knew was within us

ALL from daring to LOVE

And be LOVED

Understanding that the LOVE we give

Is the LOVE we get

The LOVE we withhold

Is the LOVE

We are waiting for

In any given moment

So we choose to LOVE BIG

Letting it rip

Pouring this offering

Into the world

Breath by breath

LOVE is the Miracle!

LOVE is the all-healing balm

LOVE has the power to

Move mountains and part seas

LOVE is so damn GOOD

We label LOVE





It matters NOT

What we call it

LOVE is an energy

An inner radiance

That springs from the well

Within us

Into others


Passing on hope

Bringing the happiness

Connecting to the ONE LOVE

We are made whole

Walking in this world

Fueled by Truth & Beauty


With every fiber of our being

And beyond

LOVE is so damn GOOD.

I have a LOVE hangover and I like it!  A mix of feelings springing from the depths of me:  Euphoric.  Excited. Full. Nourished. Open. Vibrant.  As I awakened this morning, my first thought was LOVE is so damn GOOD!  Preparing to officiate my niece, Jess’s wedding this Saturday, October 19, 2013, to her fianc√©, Michael, I went to bed inspired by their LOVE.  My journals and pens were lying next to me on the bed as I free wrote about their great love story until I called it a night.  The effect of their LOVE on me is undeniable as the lightness, the happiness pouring through my body, through my every breath feels damn good.  Love inspires!  Love lifts us as nothing else possibly can.  It is truly a mystical force so vast and limitless that it heals and transforms and creates miracles.  In the energy of LOVE, life is magical as we see through the eyes of beauty and truth fully connected to the ONE love, making us whole no matter what life brings.

We want to label love as romantic, personal, impersonal, universal and so on.  It matters NOT what we call it.  It only matters that we choose to LOVE BIG understanding that the love we give is the love we get.  And it feels so damn good to LOVE!  This energy exchange swirls through us into others as we love each other UP! with this invisible field of grace that springs eternal and is our greatest offering.  We can walk through personal hells when we are held in love, enduring the unendurable.  Passing on hope, bringing the joy, pouring radiance into others and into the world, we are flowing with what is natural and come alive in the allowing.  LOVE is so damn GOOD.

The invitation this day is to tap into this LOVE that is within you, this personal treasure that makes life rich beyond measure.  Pet your cat or dog and feel their love open your heart.  Look into the eyes of a child and let their love mirror all that lies within you.  Kiss or hug someone and feel the powerful exchange of truth and beauty.  Hold someone’s hand and feel the healing warmth.  Think of someone who is easy to love that you just can't help but love.  Place your hands over your heart center and invite the well within you to spring as never before.  Say to yourself all day long:  LOVE is so damn GOOD!  It is.  And it is contagious.

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