Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Blessings Await?!


This Day

What Blessings Await?!

I haven’t a clue

Yet I know they will come

As sure as the sun rises

The sun sets

The Blessings

Wash up

Wash over

Fill our Heart

Moment by moment

Breath by breath

Day by day

I tune in

Looking for them

Consciously acknowledging

The bounty

Of Life



In the best of times

In the worst of times

The Blessings

I count them

I count on them

To keep my heart full

When there is cause

To feel empty


This is not possible

My heart

Claps and sings and dances

As long as Life pulses through me

Even when I want to cut

Myself off

Blessings come

Await me

Await us all

Life unfolding

Life orchestrating

Doing what it does

In spite of us

In spite of our choices

To close

To open

Life flows




Cupping our hearts

With our hands

As the love

Spills over

From us

Into the world


This energy “is”

Without ceasing

Pumping through our veins

Cauterizing wounds

Healing us

Making us whole

Standing here and now



What Blessings Await?!

We meet the moments of our Life

With open arms

Welcoming the gifts





Sleeping in the same room at my sister, Angie’s house where my mom lived the final six weeks of her life and took her last breaths almost 4 years ago, I had a lovely visit from her where she gently whispered:  Receive…receive…receive…the Blessings that await…She smiled into me with a knowing, showering me with blessings that I can’t put into words but feel in my bones.  I awakened grateful embodying an openness that was distinctly different and delighting with anticipation:  What Blessings Await?!  I have no clue what blessings await this day or tomorrow yet I am completely certain they come without ceasing in times that I recognize them and times that I don’t.

What a blessing my mom was offering.  Beyond this abiding wisdom, she was letting me know that she was with us as we celebrated my niece, Jessica’s marriage to her husband, Michael.  When I shared the visit with Jessica, she immediately felt the gift of Mom’s words:  Receive…the Blessings that await!  Her new life beginning on this great adventure into marriage with the invitation to enter the days looking for the blessings that await and trusting with all of her heart, they will come; and to look for them and count them and receive them because in this energy with her heart light and full, she can share the blessings with Michael and the world.

The invitation this day is to Receive...receive…receive…the Blessings that await…moment by moment, day by day, anticipating them, allowing them to wash over you, welcoming life to flow freely through you.  The love we give is the love we get.  Receiving the blessings allows us to give the blessings as we are truly connected to an endless well of abundance showering us all day long, every day.  With open arms, breathe in the blessings and carry them into the world! 

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