Monday, October 7, 2013

LOVEing it ALL to USE it ALL!

Rejecting parts of our Self

Claiming what we deem “good”

Leaving “bad” baggage unclaimed

Left behind but still there

Stacked on storage shelves

Tucked away in secret rooms within us

Polluting us with Shame & Guilt

Containing precious energy

Our very life force

Longing to be expressed

To be acknowledged

To be known

To be loved

To come out and play

And in perfect time,

Ready or not,

Truth comes knocking

ALL that we are

Stands up to be counted

It makes its way out of hiding

Dismantling the carefully constructed Self

So we might heal the fracturing

Integrating our True Self

Welcoming us HOME

So we can become whole:

LOVEing it All so we can USE it ALL!


I have written about and laughingly refer to myself as a “Dangerous Woman” free of the fear of not being accepted for who I am; and free of the shame and guilt that used to motivate my life choices, carefully constructing a version of myself I deemed good and others liked and leaving the best parts of me on the cutting room floor. While I have stopped judging parts of myself as “good” or “bad” because it allows me to be present to what is instead of stuffing it into baggage and hiding it, my liberation walk continues and will continue all of my days as I am ever-growing and expanding which thrills me and enlivens me to allow the more to emerge, to stand up and be counted.   Claiming dormant energies that want to come out and play, I am excited and delighted in the surprise that comes from meeting more of My Self, loving what I used to believe was unlovable and seeing the beauty in how life uniquely expresses through me.  From this way of being, I experience great joy in meeting others, loving who they are and seeing the beauty of how life expresses through them.

Trying to fit the mold, to live a cookie cutter life, we clip the edges of who we truly are, snipping away the gems that long to be acknowledged and expressed.  This doesn’t mean that who we present ourselves to be isn’t true, it is just the invitation to allow the more, to come alive in the integration of all that we are.  And the promise of more!  that makes this life one of great exploration every minute of every day.  Filled with curiosity and wonder in the living inquiry:  Who am I?  What will be revealed today? 

In the repression and denial of who we are, of all that we are, there is a tension within us:  mind, body, heart and soul that binds our precious life force.  The invitation this day and this lifetime is to release this tension, freeing your Self, allowing the flow of life that comes from LOVEing all that we are, understanding with eyes wide open there is beauty within that wants to sing; and to not allow the songs to burst through is a betrayal of our Self, of the wondrous gifts we have been given.  Each of us is the offering!  Each of us is a unique expression of the Creator.  We cannot offer our Self generously to the world if we don’t see ALL that we have to offer, if we deny the treasures and rob our Self of the joy in this discovery.  LOVEing it all in order to USE it ALL is an act of service to your Self and to the whole of this world in need of YOU!  ALL of you.  Welcome your Self home moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day and come ALIVE! in ways you didn’t even know were possible. 

What if silencing your voice, ALL that you are, ROBS this world of songs only you can sing?  BELT IT OUT!  JOYfully.  This is your life.  LOVE it!       

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