Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This TRAVELin Heart!


Oh, this soul’s journey


Teaching me to delight in the unexpected

Watching my Self with compassionate eyes

Wanting the road


Be straight

Be clear of obstacles

Be safe

Be illuminated

Be wide OPEN

Learning to enjoy

To be unconditionally present

To what comes

 The road








No side rails

Pot holes



This TRAVELin’ Heart

Choice by conscious choice

Comes to see


That the road







It is ME

My human Self

That gets sideways





Wanting to arrive

At some FINAL destination

Settle in

Stop the ride

Make what is temporary “permanent”

Instead of flowing with Life

Living the adventure

Getting “there”

And realizing

Every ending is a beginning


Every beginning is an ending

Our TRAVELin’ Heart

Goes ON and ON and ON

Down the road

Into the More


Freeing the JOY

In the journey.

Follow your bliss! Joseph Campbell urged us with his personal philosophy.  There is such profound wisdom in follow your bliss! as it is the invitation to free your joy in the living of your life for no reason at all and a million reasons simultaneously.  Grounded in the truth that every moment, every breath is a gift and knowing this beyond concept or theory, letting this vibration spring from our bones, we live the passion, our life powered by soul – this TRAVELin heart.  In this way of being, our heart travels on and on and on instead of trying to contain our ever-expanding Self, our life force boxed in by some idea about a final destination.  Everything is temporary!  We arrive there and life keeps flowing, moving us forward and we realize:  Every ending is a beginning and Every beginning is an ending.  Silly us!  There is no final destination only MORE awaiting us.  Allowing our travelin’ heart to do what it does naturally, flowing with life into the next there, we free the sheer joy in the journey step by step.

When asked why I don’t drink, why I don’t run marathons or participate in triathlons anymore, why I sold my business, etc. , I have heard my Self say over and over again:  It was fun until it wasn’t!  laughing and delighting in this simple truth.  As I look back on all my life choices, the things I plugged my energy, my precious life force into and how they are ever-changing, I see with absolute clarity that the times I hung on out of fear of the unknown – not honoring my travelin’ heart that only wants good for me, that only wants to free my joy – I deadened my Self and dulled my life in the resistance. 

I am grateful for the whole of my journey and all that has led me here into this moment.  There was immeasurable joy running marathons, operating my business, living in Brownsburg and so on, but my travelin’ heart, wiser than my human Self, knows how to follow my bliss; and wouldn’t let me betray my Self.  Now, there was a transition period in giving my Self permission to free the joy which was painstaking where I caged my Self, a prisoner of my own successes.  I was good at operating my business.  I was awesome at running marathons even qualifying for Boston.  I knew how to live that life in Brownsburg.  This is a liberation walk!  The veils lift through the graces of the universe that lie in our very heart and we cannot deny the truth which takes on the next road which converges into the next road until our last breath.   

Following the joy, trusting the travelin’ heart to guide us into what’s next? is essential to coming alive, never placing our Self into a final destination coffin while breath still pulses through us: mind, body, heart and soul.  It was fun until it wasn’t! is wisdom that urges me to move on and make new choices, letting go and reaching for more.  If I hang on, I won’t be free for the more. 

The invitation this day and this lifetime is to TRUST this TRAVELin’ heart that knows it is here to enjoy the journey and will guide you into your truest life stoking the fire in your belly with a sense of aliveness unparalleled.  It only whispers truth and higher wisdom as it cannot be conditioned by cultural spells toxic with shame and guilt that strip the joy in living.  It has not bought in to the B.S. that life is a bitch and then you die! or the sacrificing martyr complex where we betray our Self over and over and over believing falsely that this makes us good – that there is nobility in this self-deprecating, self-loathing, unworthy, doormat energy.  You are here to come alive, to be excited in expressing life uniquely as YOU.  Never settle for anything less than joyful LIVING.  A joyful life is a soulful life!

JOURNEY ON road after road after road with this knowing:   

Every ending is a beginning


Every beginning is an ending


Goes ON and ON and ON

Down the road

Into the More


Freeing the JOY

In the journey.

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