Thursday, October 17, 2013

HAPPILY Ever After...

Happily ever after

Is created

Day by day

Choice by choice

In the living of life

As individuals

As couples



Broken hearted

Forgetting the power of LOVE

The happiness possible

We disconnect

From the Magic

Of a life shared

Being loved

Loving another

Bearing witness

To the purely human moments

And still choosing to LOVE

Giving each other the “human” hall pass

Not expecting perfection

Rather delighting in the Real

Allowing the fallibility

When love is not patient

When love is not kind

When love is jealous

When love is selfish

When love is rude

When love keeps score

When love is buried by pain

When love is UGLY

Laughing at our Self

Asking for Do-overs

Finding the humor in the crazy

Transforming the heaviness into LIGHT

Standing side by side




Letting go

Again and again and again

Over and over and over

Choosing to LOVE BIG

Walking our paths

Knowing someone has our back

Infusing us with strength

Igniting the power of LOVE

When the weight of the world

Threatens to take us OUT

Bending us

Breaking us

Exhausting us

Stressing us

Calling Bullshit!

Picking each other UP

Reminding the other they are 10 feet tall

Daring to speak our personal truths

Expressing all we are FEELing

Releasing our desire to fix & control

Listening with all our heart

Allowing the other to be where they are

Trusting our LOVE is the gift

Cultivating intimacy

Being vulnerable

Sharing our fears

Willing to GO THERE

Where we have never gone before

Where we never wanted to go

Where we didn’t know we could go

With another human being

Celebrating our victories

Making space for tears

Staying OPEN

Not boxing our LOVE in

With ideas of happy

With concepts of marriage

With diluted fantasies of partnership

Buying into a fixed story

Creating our own GREAT love story

That mirrors our unique journey

Because we choose to LOVE

To ride the waves of this Energy

That frees us

And flows through us

No matter what life brings

Because we want HAPPILY ever after

Which includes MIShappily

Which isn’t possible

When we pretend

When we live in falseness

When we deny truth


Fail to see the Beauty

In it ALL

And through the eyes of LOVE

We can see


And this knowing


HAPPILY ever after.

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