Monday, October 14, 2013

Enter this day HAPPY!

To Enter this day HAPPY

With our hearts light

Knowing we are blessed


A gift we give our Self

Both feet on the ground

Our hearts raised to the heavens


With every fiber of our being

To be here


In this body

Journeying this life

Come what may

Is AWEsome


Often unacknowledged

Buried by busyness

Energy shifts

From the attitude of Gratitude

Counting our blessings

Allowing our Self

To stop

To pause

To breathe in this TRUTH:


Life Given

We are blessed!

Graced with Friends

We are blessed!

Gratitude is the Heart

Remembering TRUTH!

In the moments of this KNOWING

Life flows PUREly

Goodness abides

Light infuses us

As we walk into the ordinary moments

Doing what we do

Living our lives

Walking in the Abundance that “is”


 For no reason in particular

Connected to our Self

To the whole of life





For a million reasons

Consciously counting the blessings

We recognize

All the riches we seek

Are right here

Right now

And from this knowing

Springs even MORE

Than we can possibly imagine

For it is in the living of this life

That we are made RICH

Spending our Self

Knowing we are the offering

We are the plan

Generously giving our Self

Aware that WE are

Each of us is

  The greatest gift

We can possibly give

Fully connected

Swirling with the vastness

Our cup runneth over

Spilling into the world

Into everyone we meet this day

ALL because we entered this day HAPPY!


The invitation is to ENTER this day HAPPY!  This is made possible when we pause to own the gift we are, grateful for our life, grounded in the knowing that we are rich, life is abundant in the spending, the sharing of our Self.  When we remind our Self that we are the greatest gift we can possibly give this world, we bless this world with us with this energy of Truth.  We don’t let the mind spin the crazy talk that we don’t matter and that one day or someday, when I am this or I have that, I will be happy…I will be rich…I will know abundance…I will be grateful.  Right here and now, commit to entering this day with your heart overflowing in the joy of living of being who you are.  Generosity pours from this energy!  Look people in the eye and say Hello! not looking for them to respond but because it feels damn good to connect and offer your Self.  Trust that what you give from the heart is felt by their heart even when they look at you like you are crazy.  The world is in need of YOU and your happy heart.  Go out there and shower the world with love, with your own special juju, with the blessing you are; and in doing this, you will be renewed in this well where love springs eternal.  HAPPY days…HAPPY life!    

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