Sunday, October 13, 2013

Always DARKest before the DAWN

Look back


Eyes wide OPEN

Grounded in the here and now

This day

This space and time

Again and Again and Again

Throughout the whole of your life


Going from there to here

Going from here to there

The in Betweens

Doors OPENing

Doors CLOSEing

Letting go

Reaching for MORE

It truly is

ALWAYS darkest before the DAWN

But the DAWN has come

Again and Again and Again


The promise of ALL that it is to be


This is a natural life cycle

Doing what it does

Our humanness

Grips to what was

Doing what we do

Wanting things to stay the same

Holding on

Fearing the unknown

Trying to contain this LIFE force



In spite of us

Our best efforts

To control

To strong arm

Our own wiring

DARKness comes

Not to scare the shit out of us

Not to punish us

Not because we did something wrong

Not because we didn’t think HAPPY thoughts

Not because we are negative people

Simply because


The Cycle of Life

The soul force

Does not adhere to human conditions

In the DARKness

We learn to TRUST

Our Self

Higher Wisdom

The graces

That isn’t always known



Tapped in to

But is essential

To ushering in the DAWN

Our truest Self


Our truest Life


We come to SEE


That which we bless

That which we curse

Unfolding us

Because it MUST!

When we look back

On our Sacred journey

Thus far

Evidence comforts us

In the uncomfortableness

Of the Dark

Shining a spot light

On ALL that we are





Human and Divine

These eyes of AWE

Seeing Truth



That this human journey

Ain’t for sissies

And even when we feel weak

Appear to be cowards

We are going into

The depth of our Self

With immeasurable courage

Springing from us

Surrendering to the power

That lies within

Letting the DARKness do what it does

Befriending it

Knowing it comes bearing gifts

Trusting the DAWN will come

As it has time and again

Holding the hands

Of others

We are privileged to journey with

Inviting them to look back

SEE the evidence

Of their own hero’s journey

Reminding them

With nothing but LOVE & COMPASSION

It is Always Darkest just before the DAWN!

So much of my writing and coaching and conversations have been around letting go and reaching for more!  It is a time of great transition for us all.  It is exciting and terrifying and every emotion in between and beyond those words that fail to capture this ride we are on as individuals and collectively.  It is a sacred dance we do with life, the great mystery that we as humans try and try to figure out, control, manipulate and contain into a box.  We do this!  And in the acknowledgement of our desire to avoid the necessary darkness, bypass all the uncomfortableness as we fumble around looking for the next door to open frees us.  This level of honesty, knowing our Self, knowing that we want the damn DAWN and we want it now, brings awareness of our resistance to allowing the cycles, the ebbs and the flows of life to do what they must.  It feels like punishment.  It feels like the world is against us.  It feels like the wind has been knocked out of our sails.  All of this makes us want to react, take charge and strong arm the higher forces at play.  But if we pause, look back on the whole of our life, we will see how magnificently each of us has emerged from the dark into the DAWN again and again and again.  We are badasses!  We are warriors of life bruised, scarred, battered and punctured carrying our wounds, holding them sacred as we see they have ushered us into the beauty we are and the wonders of this life filled with pain and joy.

The invitation this day is to reflect on your journey, look back and collect the evidence of your transitions letting go of the old and reaching for the new.  Appreciate all you have endured.  Understand it has all led you here.  And know with all of your heart, come what may, you can navigate the darkness, collect the gems of that experience and you can celebrate the blessings of the DAWN and all its promises of what will be.  Come to see:  This, all of life is our living poetry! 

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