Thursday, October 3, 2013

It is ALL Living!

What if you operated

From the belief:

It is ALL living!?

Collecting experiences

Extracting the wisdom

Gathering stories

Allowing them to inform

Knowing we can’t possibly Fu#% this life up

We can do stupid crap

And we all have & will

That kicks our asses


Opportunity is always KNOCKing

As every misstep

Every mistake

Is an invitation

To reflect

To wake up

Life unfolding

Takes us deeper into our Self

Leads us to our truest life

Examining what’s behind our choices

Understanding we do “things”

That pushes life away

Making no sense

But we do them anyway

We do things

That opens the flow of life

Beyond reason

And we wonder how we got here

It matters not

If we judge them

Good or bad

Right or wrong

Positive or negative

It is crucial that we stand in the Truth

We don’t do things that don’t serve us

We don’t!

It ALL serves!

Putting down the bat

Showering our Self with compassion

Giving our Self the human hall pass

Laughing at our Self:  “SILLY ME!?”

We make it safe

To hold the magnifying glass

Up to our Self

What are my choices trying to tell me?

What beliefs are driving me off the cliff?

What do I really want & need?

What is killing my spirit?

What makes me come alive?

And listening with our inner ear

Tuning in to the Higher wisdom within

Living the answers

Giving our Self space

Mind, body, heart & soul

Not demanding the quick fix

Letting the roots be exposed

Leaning in to all we are FEELing

Riding the flood of emotions

Expressing wildly & rawly

In order to FREE us  

Neutralizing the energy

With assuring words:

“It is ALL living!”

It’s okay

Even when it doesn’t feel okay

Even when our belief system

Hijacks our mind

With the cultural addiction to perfection

Shaming our Self

Making our Self villains

Drowning in Guilt

Holding our Self to impossible standards

Perpetuating not-enoughness

Cutting out the humanness

So we never get to touch

The depths of life experiences

Right here

Right now

So damn sweet

 So damn bitter

So magnificent

So horrifying

WE become Prisoners

Caged by shame & guilt

We never know true FREEdom

That allows us to soar

With the winds



Revealing miracle after miracle

Breath by magic breath






Revealing more

Connected to our Self

Connected to others

Connected to all of Creation





It is ALL living!

It is.

(I promise.)

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