Saturday, October 26, 2013

LOOK for the Best!


What you SEE


What you GET!

LOOKing for the BEST

We find IT

In our Self

In others

In the world

No matter the circumstances

Beyond the conditions

BEAUTY bursting

In the midst of tragedy

In the midst of triumph

Through tears

Through laughter




The world SMILES with us

Heart centered


Connected to the LIGHT

Touching the Source

Living in the energy

Of Love & Truth

Where BEAUTY springs

Where the BEST “is”

Within us

Within all of Creation

Tuned in

This inner mirror



Amazing GRACE


That cannot be viewed

By the naked eye

Only the eyes of Soul

LOOKing for the Best


The Soul KNOWS

What isn’t obvious to our human Self


In this moment


Seeds of HOPE

Blossoming Potential

Miracles in the Rubble

Life born of the Ashes

The cycle of life

Which includes death



Doors closing

Doors opening

Letting go

Reaching for more

Living in the OPEN

LOOKing for the Best

Expecting the Best

Dwelling in the possibilities

FAITH in our Self

Knowing all that lies within us

Creates FAITH in Humanity

Owning the BEST

Claiming the BEST

In our Self

Seeing the Miracles we are

Offering our BEST

OPEN to the BEST of us

Allows us

To SEE the best

The beauty

In others

Our relationship

To our Self



To our relationship

With all of Creation

What you SEE in your Self


What you SEE in the World

What you SEE


What you GET?

This day:

LOOK for the BEST!


FEEL the Magic that bursts

From this Soulful view

Of your Self


The world…

A couple of months ago, I began to say:  Today is the BEST day ever!!  And every day is the best day evahhhhh! because what I see is what I get.  And I get to choose.  I have the power to view the world through limitations of my human Self or limitlessness of my Soul that frees the energy of love and truth.  Magnificent!  Looking for the BEST every single day all day long is a magical way of living because what I look for is what I get.  Attitude is everything!  This is not denying the crappy things that occur; it is allowing the beauty to spring through even those events and circumstances that I would never wish for, that I curse.  It is claiming the BEST in my Self and in the world!  It is owning the miracle I am and the miracle of all.  It is allowing the abundance and welcoming the joy.  It is knowing that faith in my Self equals faith in humanity, trusting the soul force of the universe that blows through me hatching potentials beyond my wildest dreams also blows through all of humanity.  I believe in the BEST and from this soulful view, I expect each day to be filled with moments of shock and awe, wondrously unfolding life that leaves me clutching my heart as I say:  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! for my life, for all life, for the BEST day, for the BEST life evahhhhh! 

The invitation this day is to LOOK for the Best!  What you see is indeed what you get.  Knowing this, choose the BEST!  You deserve the best, a life that excites the hell outa’ you every single day where you anticipate more JOY, more adventures within your Self and within this wonderful world.  Go ahead and acknowledge the shitty things occurring in the world AND immediately, invite the BEST to be revealed – all the seeds of hope, the potential for NEW life to hatch as we never could have imagined.  We are people of miracles – grace in form, the heavens blowing through our every breath.  The BEST is ever-present.  We are the BEST!  Chew on them apples all day long.  So damn juicy and sweet!  

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