Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wisdom's Song: Let it Be!

Grounding in this day

In this moment

Wisdom’s song

Singing gently



The blahs

The sideways

The sinking in the belly

The elation

The joy

The pissed-offness

The scatteredness

The overwhelm

The happiness

The celebration

The frustration

All pockets of time

Flooding us

With various emotions

Fleeting moments

Wrapped in big feelings



ALL part of this journey

Coming and going


When we CHOOSE

To Allow

Instead of Resist

Getting in our heads

Spinning worry

Analyzing the hell out of our Self

Judging what has come forward

As “bad”

Believing we should always feel

A certain way

We deem “good”

The invitation:

FREE your Self

EMBRACE it all

SING Wisdom’s Song

All day long


A friend of mine bought a 30 day yoga pass because he felt drawn to trying something new and exploring this mystical practice.  He shared that the minute he got on the mat, he knew that this was where he needed to be in that moment at this time in his life when he is in great transition.  He described the peace he felt as he consciously sipped in the breath through his nostrils, soaking up the soothing music, enjoying the excitement of the unknown as the instructor lead him into various postures and positions and feeling the energy of the connection he found with the class.  After this heavenly experience, he got into his car and felt blah! which surprised him because there was no apparent reason for this blah! feeling.  He expected to feel all the “good” feelings he had felt during the yoga practice.  And in the recognition that he expected the feelings to stay the same, he began to laugh at himself and this fantasy, this delusion that there will ever come a time when feelings stay the same.  He knows that to be alive is to be in the flow of life that includes various emotions and fleeting feels for specific reasons and no reason at all:  Blahs!  Overwhelm!  Sinking belly! Elation! Pissed-offness!  Peace! Joy! And so on.  All of these feelings a part of living and we listen to Wisdom’s song urging us to LET IT BE! we are free flowing with it all that comes allowing instead of resisting and trying to control the uncontrollable.  Nothing stays the same as emotions are ever-shifting like a roller coaster twisting, turning, racing down the steep hill and then, slowly cranking back up.  Riding it all with hands in the air instead of gripping trying to force the experience to be what we think it should be is the key to freedom. 

The invitation this day is to embrace all the feelings that come your way, singing Wisdom’s Song:  LET IT BE!  LET IT BE!  LET IT BE!  LET IT BE! hearing Paul McCartney’s voice in your head.  Notice when you give your feelings the space to come forward and be acknowledged they don’t grip you as they come and go in the allowing.  Our willingness to BE with it all accepting the human experience filled with a great range of emotions that are ever-changing opens us to the fullness of life as we become FREE.  Trying to control the uncontrollable, trying to manage what arises strips the gift of feeling.  Emotional integrity that is organic, authentic, honest and raw allows us to be unconditionally present to what comes forward and enlivens us in knowing:  THIS IS LIFE!  This is all part of living.  There is healing in feeling…LET IT BE.   

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