Friday, October 4, 2013

The Power of ONE New Thought


A thought

We have never had before

A Sacred knowing

Springs up



Blowing open

The doors within our minds

We didn’t know existed

Sending us

Into new worlds within



Stripping away

Making space

Inspiring higher visions

Rewiring us:

Mind, body, heart & soul

Ushering us into more life

Flooding us with excitement

As we are not the same

There is a bell within ringing

Awakening the Giant

Hatching potentials once dormant

Possibilities emerge

Shooting stars launching from the depths of us

Profoundly aware


That life ain’t over till it’s over

Seeing the world through limitlessness



True freedom


Oh, the power of ONE new thought!

Words and thoughts dance in our minds throughout our days without ceasing.  Most of our thoughts are habitual playing out over and over as we enter our routines, doing what we do, living our lives.  But the power of one new thought changes everything!  These downloads of wisdom are energetically distinct and come forward to gift us, blowing open doors within our minds, dropping us into new worlds where we experience higher visions for our life that flood us with excitement.  Once the thought rings the bell within it cannot be unrung, it cannot be silenced as the giant is awakened and potentials once dormant begin to sing:  mind, body, heart and soul.  We do have choices!  We can pretend everything is the same fearing the changes and the unknowns in the opportunities.  We can stifle the shooting stars launching from the depths of us but there is no rest in this only certain death, cutting our Self off from the flow of life while breath still pulses through our bodies; we are here to come alive, to birth more and more of our Self, to live the passion within that sacred knowings fuel.

The resonance of new thoughts, echoing truths like an alarm letting us know it is time to explore: What’s next? The something more we have always known existed but couldn’t put our finger on is calling us.  Our soul’s schedule in the unfolding of our human adventure is never rational and usually not convenient as the landslide of what was converges with all that is and all that is to come if we dare to flow with life – to welcome the new worlds within ready to sing. 

5 months ago today, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee which was nothing I had planned and there was no reason I could offer other than I knew with all of me that this is what was next.  There was that moment when new thoughts flooded me awakening me as I walked into my home, a home I absolutely loved in Brownsburg, Indiana:  This dream has been lived!  You will wither in the comforts of this home and this life.  If you keep plugging your Self into what “was”, you will never get to enjoy all that is to come.  You are here to live the passion – life as an adventure.  Cut this loose.  Free your Self!  I laid there on the hardwood floor weeping tears for this offering of grace and for the life that had been, all the dreams realized that had led me into that moment.

My soul is here to live lifetimes within my lifetime.  I know this!  It graciously rewired me with thoughts and ushered me in to this new lifetime where I am alive in ways I have never been and could never have been if it weren’t for all the life lived before and I know there is more to come – there is always more to come as life is a constant cycle of letting go and reaching for more.

The invitation this day and this lifetime is to tune in and listen to the higher wisdom making itself known through new thoughts that contain the power to change everything!  These thoughts wash up, calming us with soothing truths and guidance that stills the chaos of life and takes us out of the drama and noise.  They are energizing as we come alive with excitement and enthusiasm.  And they scare the shit out of us as we fear the unknown and want comforts even when they are dulling life, choking us and we are withering away day by day.  Whatever we choose to do with the new thoughts, these sacred knowings is up to each of us; and standing in the truth:  This is our life!  It belongs to each of us as individuals and each of us has choices liberates us from getting caught in the shoulds and judging our choices right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative.  No matter what you choose and regardless of the circumstances, at any given moment, commit to choosing thoughts that free you not cage you!  Judgment cages.  Self-love and compassion frees.       

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