Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We are All Dancers of Life

It is all sacred.
The divine orchestration of life spiraling and unfolding through us.
We are all dancers of life moving in ways we don't even understand until we look back with AWE at the people and experiences
 we have met along the way.
It matters not what we call it:  The Soul's journey, Synchronicity,
Fate & Destiny, Serendipity... 
Just say THANK YOU for the dance!

I have always been drawn to dancers, poised with a grace that oozes from their sculpted bodies as they move rhythmically from within, freely in unison with the sacred vortex that is life.  They take me into their experience through our shared connection that is life as I observe; and remind me that we are all dancers whether we are on the stage or in the audience. 

As long as I can remember, I have always loved to dance starting in the bedroom I shared with my older sisters, shaking it to The Commodores and Earth, Wind & Fire.  Dancing with my sisters are some of my most cherished memories as there was a joy unparalleled in those moments transcending the circumstances that often caused fighting and conflict.

We have "dance parties" on top of the houseboat all summer long where we dance ourselves soaked, drenched with sweat and then, jump into the lake.  Everyone cuts loose, jumping into the center of the circle to show their best moves and we laugh with a delight in their freedom.

I just returned from the Florida Keys where we danced on the beach for hours celebrating the nuptials of my niece, Macy and her husband, Mark.  Everyone joined in the fun as the DJ spinned song after song; and when the last song played, we wanted more. 

At this point in my life, I can dance as if no one is watching, not afraid to appear foolish or do things differently or misstep or even fall on my ass.  I love the saying Those who hear not the music, think the dancers mad.  Each of us has an individual dance that is part of the collective dance.  Sometimes when we are dancing others don't get it and when others are dancing we don't get it.  We don't hear the music, innately wired within them and they can't hear ours.  Yet, when we dance our dance, the joy of this is infectious and gives permission to others to dance their dance.

The invitation is to accept that we are all dancers of life so dance your dance, allow others to dance their dance, and say THANK YOU!  all day long for this sacred experience that is LIFE.

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