Monday, April 22, 2013

I Said Five Words

I love people.  I love my family, my children...but inside is a place where I love all alone and thats where you renew the springs that never dry up.
-Pearl S. Buck 

Yesterday morning, I rested in the place where I love all alone and renewed the springs that never dry up, bathing in the nourishment that comes from the stillness, the quietude, the communing with my Self silently yet playfully.  There is nothing like this place in all of the world.  A painting of Lois's that I had bubble wrapped the day before came to mind where after a day of painting on the beach she had written on it:  I said five words.  Enough for today.  This spoke to where I was so indulged the monk energy that needed to simply be.

The funny thing about me is I have this introvert, extrovert axis which would surprise most because I can talk to anyone and when I am out in the world, I am there expressing my social butterfly who likes to play and enjoy others.  I love people.  I love family and friends. But like the cat, I only come out of hiding when I want to and can't force myself to turn it on to appease others.  As long as I feed both parts, keeping my Self in balance and tuning in to my needs, life never dulls or dries up as I am renewed by it all.

Some days, five words are enough and on other days, five thousand would never be enough as I absolutely love the spoken word, the written word, the words that spring from numbers and images and nature.  There is something so grand in knowing our Self, knowing who we are, knowing what we need and being okay with this - free of shame and guilt and judgment.  This is mothering our Self as only the all-loving, all-nurturing, all-understaning "mother" within us can.

Know Thyself.  This is the wisdom imparted throughout the ages.  The pursuit of the Self is a great adventure as I have found that knowing my Self and my story, I have come to know others with an abiding love, respect and compassion.

What do you need this day?  HONOR this.  HONOR you. 

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