Sunday, April 21, 2013

Further Than You Can Think

The winds of life will take us further than we can possibly think.
The mind often stuck in the past and in what it knows based on experience
can keep us locked down and limit us.
But when the doors blow open,
we are reminded that what we know is actually a pin drop
in the vast ocean that is this life.
Welcome the revelations that come like waves upon your shore.  

Yesterday, I took down a 5 feet by 5 feet oil on canvass painting done by my friend, Lois Main Templeton that she titled:  further than you can think.  It was a gift from my late-husband, John, during a time where I was drifting deeply in the unknown, roaming new shores and wondering what the hell was next for my life.  He picked the painting based on how it felt and the title solidified the decision.

The images in the painting evoke the stirring of windows blowing open with sheer curtains dancing about gloriously and wildly in surrender to what is coming through in the moment.  Standing before it for the first time, it felt as if the sea within me was parting in order to lead me to lands necessary for me to explore and assured me that I didn't need to know where I was going in order to get there.  It whispered you are going is further than you can think.

This painting hung in Lois's home as a reminder to her to stay open until she and her husband downsized into an apartment.  She had given it to the gallery representing her work the day before John walked in there.  She no longer needed its offering.  The baton was passed to me, the invitation to live:  further than you can think.  It continues to companion me on my journey as I am taking it with me and already know exactly where it will hang in my condo.

Becoming a numerologist is one of the laugh out loud surprises of my life!  I didn't seek to study numbers and use them as a tool in counseling and coaching others.  It just happened.  There was no thought of it until the information downloaded, truly a gift from the heavens that I get to use in service to those who need to remember why it is good to be who they uniquely are.

John died on 11-17 and immediately, I began to see 11:17 everywhere, every single day.  I still receive texts and emails daily at this time.  When I walked in with the realtor into my new condo, the clock read 11:17 and a flood of energy surged through me and the realtor who had no idea what was going on within me said in his southern accent: I got the chills.  For me, the vibration of the numbers are reassuring me of the connection with John beyond this physical life and I straddle these realms effortlessly.  With both feet planted on this earth, I enjoy an intimacy with the heavens that is a part of every breath I take. 

I don't even think about this.  I just give thanks that the door that had locked my mind blew open, reminding me that what I know is a pin drop in the vast ocean that is life.  I welcome the revelations that come breath by breath like waves upon my shore excited by the new ideas, new thoughts, new life.  My life has truly expanded taking me further than I can think.

I extend the invitation to you to live further than you can think.

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