Thursday, April 25, 2013

MESSAGES from Beyond

Messages from the heavens come just when we need them most.
They remind us that the connection continues
even when we leave physical form.
The spirit lives on
guiding us, affirming us and keeping our hearts light,
as we learn to LIVE without those we LOVE.

My late-husband, John, has visited me since he left this earth countless times.  The dream state is when I was most open initially but now, it happens when I am fully awake, living each day.  There are even times when someone is speaking to me and I see his eyes in their eyes or the specific words or phrasing they use are his even infused with his boundless energy and humor.  Shortly after he died, I was taking out the trash in the pitch dark by the light of the moon and felt him jump out at me which actually scared the crap out of me so I asked him to come gently to me instead of with his normal intensity.

While packing up the house, he has been so close that I truly thought he might walk out of the walls.  His energy is an electric smile that lights me from the inside out as he assures me and cheers me on as he did in our life.  When I decided to move, he visited me in my dream state with the message:  It's YOUR turn, smiling and nodding as we sat leaning into each other face to face, knee to knee, hand and hand.  He had said this to me when he was alive, after we sold our business and my mom who I had cared for died in the same week.  It's YOUR turn, inviting me to explore what I wanted next for my life.  The morning after John visited in my dream, the bootcamp trainer stood in front of me to push me as we did a series of burpies, saying:  It's YOUR turn, Katie...It's YOUR turn...You got this.  John was making sure this message was not lost.  Then, this week while at the doctor's office, the receptionist knowing about John's death and my move said:  Kathy, It's YOUR turn.
I looked her in the eye smiling with gratitude, loving that she had no idea she was a messenger and said:  Yes!  It IS my turn. 

MikeyO, a kindred soul brother of John's came over last week to help me with some matters.  John had visited him in his dream state:  John called Mike on the phone, bantering with him as he had done a thousand times in this life, giving him shit in jest.  Mike asked him where he was and he told him:  I AM IN A GOOD PLACE.  Mike wanted to know specifically where he was so he could go to John but John told him again:  I AM IN A GOOD PLACE but you can't come here because it's not your time.  You have things to do still.  He thanked MikeyO for helping me, for being here for me and let him know that Gee is in a good place too.   MikeyO and I wept together at the beautiful affirmations; and in the midst of our tears, our hearts were light recognizing that even in spirit John's humor and personality burst through.  We knew the gifts we were being given and received them with hearts wide open.

Whether you believe in messages from beyond or not, whether you have felt the connection with the spirit world or not, the invitation is to stay open to this sacred dance of life that continues to reveal more with each passing day.

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