Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Faith in Humanity Begins with Faith in Our Self

There was a hymn we sang in church when I was growing up
that always made me cry even as a small child:
"Let There Be Peace On Earth..."
One of the lines comes to me this day in the wake of the Boston Tragedy:
Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.
(Faith in Humanity begins with faith in our Self.)

I awakened this morning heavy in my mind, body, heart and soul so I tuned in immediately, connecting consciously with my highest Self, with the universe and all of humanity, sending love to all and believing this love reaches all like invisible tentacles of pixie dust which I call Grace.  The Boston tragedy that occurred yesterday afternoon weighs on us all.  The senselessness, the horror, the lives lost and lives forever altered leaves us feeling powerless and unravels us as our foundations, inner and outer are rocked.

For me, I choose not to watch the television coverage or view the images because this keeps me in my head, spinning and worrying, trying to figure out what has no reasonable explanation.  I don't bury my head in the sand or deny what has occurred but I believe that dropping into my heart and soul, feeling the pain and calling on assisting forces within and around me to help us use even this for the greater good of all.   

As I finished bootcamp fitness this morning, one of the women said with a heavy heart: What will this world be like in 20 years with all of this going on?  I told her my personal philosophy that faith in humanity begins with faith in our Self, encouraging her to tap into her goodness and use this to serve the whole of the world, moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day.  There is a power in this that isn't recognized in our culture that is externally focused.  There are tangible things we can do and intangible things we can do so we must use it all.  It all serves!

I invite you all to remember this day the magnificence that is YOU!  You matter far more than can be languaged.  The way you show up for life makes a difference in a million ways that you cannot see but I ask you to TRUST this TRUTH.  Never lose sight of the truth:  The world needs YOU!   PEACE begins with YOU! Faith in Humanity begins with Faith in Your Self.  And HOPE isn't something we "do" rather it is a force ALIVE within each of us that "is"...PASS IT ON! 

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