Saturday, April 20, 2013


An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet,
regardless of time, place, or circumstance.
The thread may stretch or tangle,
but it will never break.
May you be open to each thread that comes into your life - 
the golden ones and the coarse ones - and may you weave them
into a brilliant and beautiful life. 

The above words were carved into a wooden sign that I found in a boutique LuLu in the charming town of Franklin, Tennessee.  When I stood there in the middle of the store reading it, drinking in the wisdom, the truth of these words, I wept.  As I walked to the check out counter with the sign in my hands, hot tears continued to drip down my face sliding down my neck; the owner teared up as our eyes met and we politely exchanged pleasantries.  She expressed her love of the sign as we continued to weep silently together, the invisible thread held us in a stillness, timelessness as our hearts merged.  This woman, a stranger moments before was now a part of me.

I have shared my experience of saying Goodbye and the necessity of this throughout our lives.  But I believe with all of my heart that the connection to those we are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance cannot be broken.  Each of us is woven into the other through this invisible thread which is life, the soul force of the universe that animates all of creation.  It can be difficult to stay open to each thread that comes into our life preferring the golden over the coarse, but staying open to all will nourish our souls as nothing else can.  Connection is an essential part of our human existence and journey here on earth. 

There is a nameless woman emblazened in my heart who lives in the small town of Hope, Indiana who held me in a Shell gas station off of I65 South as I crumbled and shattered at the news of my husband's death.  The invisible thread led each of us to that moment, to connect briefly in a powerful way.  Destiny was at play as the experience we shared fed us both in ways we needed.  I don't have to know how this impacted her life.  I simply know it did.  I send her silent prayers of thank you, trusting she receives them and believing our shared moment has brilliantly and beautifully woven into her life.

I have countless stories of meeting people as I make my way in life who have awakened parts of me, who have taught me exactly what I needed to learn, who appreciated who I am and mirrored the beauty of my life back to me.  As a storyteller who not only writes but gets to speak to groups, I share the perfection in the unfolding of my life, taking them in to their own life story.  Our lives may play out differently but we have a shared story of humanity where the invisible thread stretches and tangles, pushes and pulls, leading us into our Self more and more until our last breath.

This journey is indeed magical.  We alone could never plan or force things to happen the way the hand of destiny can unfold it.  The invitation is to lean into life in absolute surrender to the abundance that is you, that is all, knowing the invisible thread is bringing forward moment by moment just who you need.  Arms wide open!  This is your life.  Bow to it.  Give thanks for the golden threads and the coarse threads.  Each serves you. 

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