Sunday, April 7, 2013

Inconvenient Tears: Let'em Roll!

We are innately wired to express emotions through tears.
Tears are essential to our health so I welcome them.
I have befriended even the inconvenient tears,
coming when I least expect them in places where I wouldn't choose.
But come they must
So I let'em roll... 
This allowing serves me well.

As a numerologist, life coach and speaker, I am privileged to be with people at a depth of vulnerability that they normally guard against.  This is sacred to me that people let me in and I get to bear witness to them experiencing raw emotions that spring forward often bringing tears.  People always apologize for crying so I assure them that I know the tears seem inconvenient but let'em come as they are a natural release and evidence of our ability to feel which is healthy.

Culturally, tears are a sign of weakness but I view them as a sign of strength and courage.  It is a fierce person who can be where they are, meet their Self where they are in a moment and allow the feelings.  This takes a level of emotional honesty that most aren't willing to express. 

For years, I wasn't able to go there.  I was always the shoulder that others cried on not the one crying on their shoulders. This makes me laugh now.  I wasn't consciously trying to be superior by not crying but encouraging others to cry.  I truly had no idea all that I had been sucking up, stuffing and burying until the flood gates began to open.  And there was such a sense of liberation that I haven't stopped crying. 

I absolutely admit that sometimes the tears are inconvenient, coming as I stroll down the aisles at Sam's Club or while I am working out or out to dinner with a group or during a party or driving down the road on my way to an appointment or talk where I want to look my best but smudge my mascara and puff my eyes. But come they must so I give them full permission to do so.  I hold them sacred.  I honor them.  And I give thanks for them.  

Sometimes there is a story behind the tears which brings forward the emotions and this feels rational.  Sometimes the tears are spontaneous seeming to come from nowhere and this makes no sense.  But come they must.

I invite you to let'em roll, especially the inconvenient tears because I have found that those are the most necessary, a moment of pure emotional honesty bubbling up not able to be managed or suppressed.  Allowing this truth will serve you well as it will absolutely set you all free.

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