Thursday, April 11, 2013

How Do We Make Life Easier?

A few weeks ago I was having my morning coffee,
reflecting, having a love fest with the cats, watching the birds,
when I had this moment of clarity:  MAKE LIFE EASIER!
Day by day, choice by choice, I have begun to make my life easier
in small ways that are actually BIG, freeing energy to enjoy my life more.

I wouldn't presume to know what would make your life easier but setting the intention to make life easier, I promise, will set you on a course of freedom like no other.  It makes us mindful of where we can exercise the power of choice and where we need to accept what we don't have power over.

Life can be hard, indeed.  There is no denying this, but it can also be much easier than we often make it.  We get into ruts, patterns of behavior and just do and do without thought of how we are being affected or if we really want to do what we are doing or really need to do what we are doing. 

After making the decision to sell my home, I have begun to get so excited about not having to drive 40 minutes one-way to meet friends or clients.  I look forward to not hiring someone to landscape and cut the acreage I live on.  I don't want to haul my trash in the wagon down the hill of my driveway anymore or the 40 pound bags of salt pellets up the stairs and then, down the basement.  Managing my home wasn't too much until it was.  Being present to my Self, paying attention to how I feel and daring to tell the truth to my Self, I can make my life easier through exercising the power of my choices.

There was a time when I led workshops and enjoyed the experience but now, I have no desire to do this.  When approached about doing workshops on grief, the truth is I DON'T WANNA' BE THE GRIEF GAL!  No thanks.  I am privileged to be with people in their grief one on one and acknowledge it but to be in the intensity of that energy for entire weekends or a week exhausts me just thinking about it.  Just because I would be "good" at it doesn't mean I should do it and I get to decide how I spend my life.  I love the expression: stop shouldin' on yourself!  Shoulds have an energy of guilt and shame leaving us feeling SHITTY.  Choices, knowing we have choices empowers us to stand in our truth whether others agree or not.

The invitation is:  HOW DO YOU MAKE LIFE EASIER? so you can free energy to enjoy your life more.  Choice by choice, moment by moment, day by day, make your way!  What works for you today may not tomorrow so give yourself permission to make necessary changes.  Don't wait for others to give you permission.  Write yourself a permission slip:  Kathy McHugh, I give you permission to make your life easier whatever that means to you.  I love you and always have your back, Kathy McHugh

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