Friday, April 19, 2013

Shared Excitement!

has been the most common response regarding my move.
There is a shared excitement.
And in this shared excitement,
others have spontaneously begun to move into new ideas, new wants for their own life exploring what makes them happy
and what simply doesn't anymore.
Asking and opening to: 
What now?

Even when I am alone, I feel the shared excitement of others for this new life I am now living.  They have been with me sharing in the pain, standing in the trenches with me not knowing how I would make it out and feeling powerless to help as the grief swallowed me whole.  Now, they get to share in the energy of pure possibilities, to witness the hatching of me, who I am now.  When they look into my eyes and say:  I am so happy for you!  it is music to my soul because I know in this field of happiness, they will experience their own life hatching.

Shared excitement ignites the fertile field within each of us.  This is the power of being happy for others instead of jealous.  Happiness for others is living in the abundance of life, knowing the possibilities are limitless for all of us.  Jealousy of others is living in the lack, a scarcity consciousness that locks us into beliefs around limitations and competition with others - survival of the fittest.  One is a thriving mentality and the other is a surviving mentality.  I pick thriving because it just feels so damn good to enjoy life and watch others find a way to enjoy this ride even when they encounter events that rock them.

Some have said I am sooooo jealous of you! with an acknowledgement of the fact that they too are ready for a life change but don't know what they means yet.  There is no charge of resentment toward me and they are far from a scarcity mentality.  I have watched them move spontaneously into new ideas, new wants for their own lives, exploring what makes them happy and what simply doesn't anymore.  They are living the answers to What now? opening to new life just as I have been doing for 2 years, 5 months and 2 days.

I can mark the end of my old life as it was John's death date:  11/17/10.  It is not that obvious for everyone; some finish lines are blurred.  We invite a new life when we tune in to our Self and dare to ask: Am I happy?  What do I want now?  Do I feel excited by my life?  Do I feel jealous, the heat of longing for the life others have?  (Don't deny this out of shame...we all feel jealous at some point in our lives.  Welcome the information:  what is this telling me?).

Surround yourself with people who share your excitement for life and watch this excitement grow and grow and grow.  Pay attention to what it feels like when you surround yourself with people who are naysayers, downers, energy vampires who have forgotten that life is meant to be enjoyed and happiness is essential - it is the mark of a soul on fire who lives beyond circumstances.   

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