Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Weddings are proof that LOVE indeed is what makes life worth living.
Marriage says:  I CHOOSE YOU to share this life with.
Macy and Mark's Wedding Day Bliss filled all our hearts
as LOVE is so grand it elevates us all with the soul force of the universe.

Last evening at 5p.m., Macy Leigh McMullen married Mark Christopher McGoun and it was my honor to officiate their ceremony.  42 (4+2 =6 and in numerology is the number of LOVE, family, community, home) of their closest friends and family attended this destination wedding in Islamorada, Florida Keys at Cheeca Resort and Spa.  It is Paradise.  The perfect setting for this magical event.

Macy and Mark had put their imprints on every last detail.  It was now time to simply show up and let the games begin.  Macy was absolutely gorgeous in her enchanted fairy gown and radiated a beauty that can only come from LOVE.  As she walked down the aisle arm and arm with her dad, tears streaming down their smiling faces, Mark began to physically stir turning from side to side not knowing what to do with all of these emotions bubbling from within him.

I welcomed everyone:  We are gathered here today to unite Mark Christopher McGoun and Macy Leigh McMullen in Holy Matrimony.

This day has been much anticipated by all of us because as you wrote in your 'Thank You' card (To Our Family and Friends, It means the world to us that you are here.  THANK YOU for the support, encouragement, love & laughter.  You have contributed to our lives.  You are our family and friends and our absolute favorite people in all the world.  We hope you enjoy this special week and the memories we'll share for years to come.  Love, Macy & Mark) to us that you lovingly place in our goody bags:  You are '2' of our favorite people in all the world and it is our privilege to stand here with you on this most special day, your wedding day.

Keep in tradition, I asked Macy's dad, Joe:  Who gives this woman? to which he responded tearfully:  Her mother and I.

The wedding message had come together:  Mark and Macy, The 2 of you are a team and we all agree that you make one helluva team.  Mark and Macy, Macy and Mark - it is hard to say one name without the other.  The foundation of your life and your love is friendship - it always has been from the start and it always will be.  Find your way back to your friendship over and over and over again throughout your life together.  This will continue to sustain you all of your days.  Those of us standing with you today will stand with you throughout our lives encouraging and supporting you through all that life brings your way.  We are part of your team:  TEAM McGoun.  Your one-on-one relationship as husband and wife is essential.  And so are the relationships with your family and friends as the experiences you enjoy with others will feed and nourish your marriage, enriching your lives as individuals and as a couple.

I invite you to STAY OPEN to the surprises of life that your love for each other will inspire.  Your family and friends know certain sides of you based on their experiences of you but the 2 of you will know each other with an intimacy only marriage can take you into.

Once upon a time, Mark didn't think marriage was for him.  And one day, he knew with all of his heart and with complete certainty that he wanted to marry Macy.  LOVE INSPIRES!

And who knew? (only Macy) what a romantic son-of-a-gun Mark is with his wedding gift to Macy being an outdoor swing with their names and wedding date enscribed on it.

Once upon a time Macy was happy with only having Kelsey for a sibling, just 2 sisters.  And her love for Mark inspired her to adopt his "Band of Brothers" even inviting Joey and Mike to live with them this summer at the lake house.

And who knew? (only Mark) that Macy, normally soft spoken can TAKE CHARGE! even of him when necessary in order to get things done especially for this wedding day.

Your love and happiness INSPIRES us all!

Always hold in your heart this knowing:  This is YOUR grand adventure together!  Soak it up.  Don't miss a damn thing.  Enjoy the hell out of the ride.  Make it frickin' great.  And Do it YOUR WAY as you have been doing it all along. (***note:  my cursing was intentional, PG rated, a little gift to the groom and his groomsment for some inside betting on how many curse words I could weave without going ALL THE WAY dropping an F-bomb)

Trust your Self and each other.  Love your Self so you can Love the other.  And let your love and trust INSPIRE all the days of your lifetime together as husband and wife. 

And a GOOD TIME was had by all as we danced in joyful celebration wrapped in wedding bliss.  In a few hours, we will gather for breakfast and continue this party until we fly out tomorrow evening.

I believe in the power of LOVE to inspire our lives!  My heart is so full I am bursting with a sense of joy that I get to live this life and share it with amazing friends and family.  Love is indeed what makes life worth living.  LOVE BIG!

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