Friday, April 26, 2013

Circle of LOVE at Green Street Pub

The friends I inherited from my late-husband, John,
loved me initially out of love for him.
And after sharing time, tears, laughter & conversation,
we connected in friendship,
widening the circle of love and life that will continue to feed us.

Last night, we gathered at Green Street Pub & Eatery here in Brownsburg for my last Thursday as a resident.  Thursdays were called "wing ding" night by John because wings are on special.  He would meet his friends there without fail as long he was in town.  My first outing was a few months after his death where they held a fundraiser honoring him on his birthday that benefited the Wounded Warrior Project.  Within 10 days, they planned and enlisted the help of the community to raise over $10,000.00. 

I was blown away at the kindness they showered on me and the passion with which they came together to carry on John's legacy of generosity.  John is the great love of my life not just because of how he showed up in our relationship but because of how he showed up in relationship to all of the world.  He is a part of the circle of love that we continue to enjoy.  The circle of life, of love is indeed eternal.

We told stories remembering John, encouraging each other with his words:  There will never be another day just like this one so enjoy it.  They gave me cards where they poured out their hearts, wishing me only happiness and a life full of new adventures.  There was a cake with the message:  We are happy for you.  Remember who loves you!  Someone gave me a bracelet with the words:  Believe, Courage and Strength, saying I reminded her to believe, to live in courage and to acknowledge her strength.  Other friends gave me a beautiful silver necklace with circles linked with a note:  We are happy for you!!!  You have a big circle of friends that love you.  You will be missed.  Enjoy this necklace and as you wear it remember the circle of LOVE.

There were hugs, kisses, hands held in connection as we said whatever we needed to express in that moment.  And I get to carry this love with me all of my days wherever I go.  I rest in this knowing and delight in this powerful exchange I am privileged to experience.  Our LOVE is indeed the miracle!

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