Sunday, April 28, 2013

Keep Calm & Carry On

The Calm that is beyond me continues to hold me
so I can carry on and do what I must.
The silence within me is echoing throughout this empty home
absorbing the memories, all of the life lived here, as they integrate within me,
no longer attached to this space, the past, the present or the future.

It is a rainy Sunday morning, ripe conditions for returning to my bed with pen in hand and paper on my lap and kitties scattered all around me at rest.  There is even a bird singing the blues outside the bedroom window, tugging at my heart strings, bringing tears forward from the soulful exchange and inspiring songs within me yet to be sung.  There is a layer of melancholy filtering through me and the Calm that is beyond me permits even this which allows me to carry on and do what I must.

Staying in the moment is essential as I have miles to walk before I reach my destination.  I ground what is required of me each day as I write down the day of the week, the date including the year and a check list in the order of importance including times where I have numbers sessions or I am meeting others.  This practice sets the intention as I enter the day, moment by moment, step by step, knowing I will have the energy to do whatever is needed.

A friend gave me a Keep Calm & Carry On mug as a going away gift.  This sparked thoughts of The Calm, the true calm not me pretending to be calm while repressing how freaked out I am at any given time.  The Calm that allows us to carry on is a Grace, the soul force of the Universe, holding us and sustaining us throughout our entire life.  At times when life is amplified with stress and uncertainty, this Grace, this Calm is more apparent but it is always there.  Whether we consciously call on or connect to this Grace, the Calm, this soul force, it is present within us and around us.

Yesterday, I took 3 more cats to Misty Eyes (  Unlike a couple of weeks ago when I dropped off others to be adopted out, I felt wrecked all morning with shallow breathing but the Calm held me as I experienced the sorrow so I could do what I needed to do.  As I arrived at Misty Eyes, the volunteers who greeted me were the Calm as they hugged me and held me through my tears and heartbreak.  Their words, their presence, their love and understanding were the Calm. 

The Calm doesn't make life easier but it makes it possible to navigate paths that we must in order to make our way in this world.  Acknowledge this Calm, rest in it, be it for others and let others be it for you so you can carry on living this life with gratitude, joy and abundance.

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