Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This Life is a Privilege!

One day this life will end.
We shall miss it all.
Even the things that make us crazy, that we try to avoid or run from.
It is all sacred.
Each of us is magnificent.
Even in our most flawed moments where we want to hit the REDO button.
The privilege is ours.

I can remember even as night fell the day John died, holding my hand to my heart and saying silently to him, my Self and the great Creator: It was a privilege.  It was my privilege to share this life with you, to be your wife, your partner and your friend, to bear witness to the way you showed up so magnificently and generously.  Thank you...thank you...thank you.

Those we share this life with most intimately help us to remember all that we are, all that we give just by being who we are and this is a necessary mirror, the truest gift of connection, human to human.  And the whole of creation reveals the truth of who we are through nature: in the earth, the stars, the sky, the trees, the winds, the rain, the flowers, the ocean, the birds, the animals, the mountains and so on.

A friend sent me a message yesterday to share her joy in remembering the abundance she is, that life is:  My world was ROCKED as I looked at the tree and knew instantly that life is NOW, make the most of NOW as this is all there is.  In a flash, grace dropped her into this knowing, escorted her into the truth that this moment whether we label it good or bad is everything, is a privilege to be in, to experience. 

When we forget the magnificence of our life, we feel a dullness, a disconnect from our Self, others, life.  We drift through our days waiting for things to be different, waiting for someday to come instead of being present to all that is, all that life is giving us now moment by moment.

We are always the swan NOT the ugly duckling whether we remember this, whether we know this or not.  This is TRUTH.  It simply is.  Each of us, life expressed as individuals on this human journey has purpose far beyond what the mind can comprehend.  The mind will lead us to believe that we are the swan only when we do things right or reach a goal or achieve a level of success.  This life is sacred as we are the abundance we seek in the outside world.  And this life is our privilege to live, to express the abundance.

Each of us is magnificent.  Even in our most flawed moments where we want to hit the REDO button.  The privilege is ours.  Hold this TRUTH in your heart:  This life is a privilege!

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