Monday, June 3, 2013


The sunset splashes the sky
With tinges of silver, orange, pink & gold
Swirling, hovering, gifting us silently.
A flock of birds dance by in formation
Diving down, dipping right then left, soaring back up
Taking us along for the ride.
The trees stand there springing from the Earth
Gloriously upright
Wearing their summer coats of lush green
Inviting us to simply be
In the magnificence of who we are
As we are
Right here and now.

Unexpected joys are ever-present within us and within all of creation and in this joy, we have everything.   Nature in its surrender to what is never resisting but flowing with the universe mirrors the magnificence of our being.  To be in the moment completely, we are dropped into pockets of truth where we see that we have everything in the abiding joy that always exists whether we pause to recognize it or not.  When we make our joy contingent upon everything going our way and waiting for the perfect day, our lives will be stripped of the gift that is – the knowing that we have everything – right here and now.

Several years ago, I began to consciously look for unexpected joys in my day and was astonished at all that came forward enriching my life immeasurably.  There was a bird bathing in a puddle on the sidewalk dipping his face in the water again and again and shaking his body to dry his feathers and playfully repeating this process.  It was incredible to watch and this all happened while I was sitting at a stoplight waiting for the light to turn green so I could get where I needed to be on time in the midst of a crazy day.  There was a squirrel hanging upside clinging with his razor sharp claws to a tree eating a walnut nibbling feverishly with his eyes wide, keeping his senses tuned in to predators or danger.  I couldn’t believe that I had never witnessed this before and was awestruck at the connection I felt to my Self and the squirrel so alive in this seemingly ordinary moment that was absolutely extraordinary.  I knew with all of my heart:  Joy is.  And never ceases. 

Last night, I was sitting on my balcony watching the sunset with candles lit, my journal on my lap, my cats lying next to me, a jug of water to quench my thirst when a knowing came over me:  I have everything…WE have everything!  It was a gift from the sunset which was the most wondrous thus far in my life.  It was the vibrational energy of connection – being alive with the sky as it splashed tinges of silver, orange, pink and gold, swirling and hovering, gifting me silently.  The whole of me expanded in this connection and I felt the beauty of everything that is within me and within all.  Everything is infused with joy.  This is magic.  The magic of creation is alive – pregnant with possibilities. 

I bowed my head in gratitude remembering joy abounds.  How sacred.  We have been given everything!

I remember reading as a child of 8 years old that Rose Kennedy told her children:  To whom much is given, much is expected and while even then, I understood that she was trying to impart a sense of responsibility on her children who were born into material privilege; I also understood that all of us have been given much because we have been given life.  Each of us is privileged in our life.  And in this knowing, we have everything, we step into the truth that we have everything to give and nothing to lose.

The invitation this day is to let joy guide your life, allowing your passion for living to pour into this world starved for connection, for love, for kindness, for you.  Commune with nature and let it remind you of who you are so you can stand gloriously upright in this life come what may.  And repeat over and over:  I have EVERYTHING.  I am EVERYTHING.  

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