Monday, June 17, 2013

Both Feet Planted

The moment our feet hit the ground
As we climb out of bed
We are literally
Stepping into the new day
Full of possibilities
Full of potential hatching through us
Full of miracles
Full of Joy
Full of Wonder
So to plant both feet onto the ground
And consciously enter the new day
Connects us to our Self
And to the magic of Creation
That makes us feel ALIVE.

For several years, I have made it a daily practice to plant both feet on the ground as I step out of bed, feeling my feet touch Mother Earth breathing deeply as I connect to my Self, to the earth energy, saying silently the day of the week, the date, the time and where I am (city, state, location).  Whether the demands of my day cause me to hit the ground running or whether I have a slower morning, I do this because I know the power of consciously entering the new day, inviting the possibilities, the infinite potential within me to hatch in ways that surprise me and use my gifts, the miracles that abound, the joy that is, and the wonder of this life as it baffles me in the most delicious and unexpected ways.

Most of the time our energy is scattered in the past, playing out old beliefs, patterns and stories that we become unconsciously stuck in, literally unaware that we are tethered to, plugged into these unresolved events.  We bleed our precious life force leaving our Self in a deficit unable to ground all we want to bring through.  We don’t have the fuel to launch the rockets we long to ride.  We doubt our Self, we limit our Self, we hold our Self back believing falsely based on past experiences that we have something to lose:  Don’t get your hopes up, remember what happened when you were 12 and you tried out for cheerleading and didn’t make it…you were heartbroken...The messages we feed our Self is avoid pain, don’t risk, play it safe by not even putting our Self out there to explore the joys of our life adventure, of how we choose to express our Self and play with the magic of Creation to free our energy in ways that makes us feel so damn ALIVE.

Bringing our Self, our energy into present time unplugging from what was with both feet planted right here and now again and again and again throughout our day, we have the opportunity to free the old crap from the past that clogs our vitality and dulls our sense of aliveness.  We enter the day, moment by moment, choice by choice confident that we have everything to give and nothing to lose.  We dismiss the old stuff and comfort our Self as we step into new patterns, new beliefs, new energy and a new life that we create consciously instead of asleep at the wheel. 

The invitation this day is to remember that you are worth all the effort it takes to enter the new day, the new moment fully conscious, with both feet planted in present time and a sense of all that lies within you that is waiting to come out and play.  Do whatever you must to create the life that frees your spirit to dance and sing and clap.  Act as if your very life depends on this the way you would follow direction from a doctor who diagnosed you with an illness that requires you to do this and that.  You deserve all the JOY of this moment, this day, this life.  Never settle for anything less!

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