Monday, June 24, 2013

The Damsel in Distress

Each of us
Is wired uniquely
Expressing life through
Distinct energy
And characteristics
And this is what makes us individuals
Living in community
Connected to all
Who bring forward
Life as only they can
Possessing flavors
We enjoy
And flavors we don’t enjoy
But this is the melting pot we live in
So we find a way to appreciate
Our Self
And others
For who we are
And how we show up for life.

I got to my houseboat ready to play and visit friends who I haven’t seen since last season.  I uncovered my ski boat and tried to start it but the battery was completely dead so I began to look for a portable charger like the one John always used to trickle charge to ensure I wouldn’t experience this.  There was no sign of anything remotely resembling this so I took a deep breath and went to Plan B, asking my neighbor, Mike, for help.  As I thanked him, he assured me that it was no problem at all and laughed out loud saying:  You are not a good damsel in distress! 

There is no doubt in my mind that none of us do it alone, that we are interconnected and live as individuals in community in ways we clearly recognize and ways we don’t that are energetic.  Mike acknowledging that I am not a good damsel in distress was about how I am uniquely wired and the damsel in distress is not a part of my make-up.  I am not wired to rely on others.  I am a take-charge kinda’ gal who is uncomfortable waving her scarf from the tower waiting to be rescued.   And this does not make me better or worse than someone who is comfortable waving the scarf.  It is simply distinctly different ways of being in the world.

As a numerologist, I get to reveal the individual soul’s journey, showing each person their thumb print and how this weaves into the collective.  I am an “8” life path so the highway I travel is one of the queen not the damsel.  The queen energy in balance knows she is in charge of her own life, grounded in a sense of Self that knows she is worthy of the abundance of life that lies within and without, wielding her power in the world as she chooses – never complaining and never explaining, infinite potential connected to the whole of the universe.  Out of balance, the queen energy is bossy, over-bearing, bull-dozing, controlling with an inflated sense of Self that believes she is superior to others.

It was such a cool experience for my neighbor to mirror who I am back to me and to be at a place where I see my Self, in balance and out of balance, moments of crazy and moments of grace; showing up for the dance each day and delighting in how life expresses through me as me and keeping my heart light through the lens of humor.  This allows me to value each person and how life expresses through them as them. 

The invitation is to listen to others tell you their experience of you (You always do this or that…You are an athlete, artist, cook, sage,dreamer, queen, entertainer, comedian, badass, princess, foodie, mom, warrior, friend, free spirit, possess a child’s heart…You are someone I can count on…You make me laugh…you have the best ideas…you always give the best advise…you really listen and make me feel heard…) so you can recognize how uniquely wired you are, how life expresses through you as distinct energy and characteristics that make you an individual, living in community connected to all, who bring forward life as only they can, possessing flavors we enjoy and flavors we don’t enjoy.  But this is the melting pot we live in so find a way to appreciate your Self for who you are and others for who they are and how each of us shows up for the dance.

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