Friday, June 7, 2013

I Got Ya' Girl!

Some days we wake up walking sideways
For no apparent reason
Feeling off
Not our Self
Holding our breath
Anxious about nothing and everything simultaneously.
How do we nurture our Self?
Find rest
Return home
Stand on our own two feet
And breathe life in.

I was working with several people on grounding practices that can be incorporated throughout their days no matter where they find their Self at any given moment.  Our ability to tune in to the feeling of being bulldozed over by life in ways we can explain and for no apparent reason allows us to nurture our Self back to our center where we can rest, stand on our own two feet and breathe life in.

When my late-husband, John died, I learned to mother my Self in a constant moment to moment nurturing:  What do you need now? and giving my Self the tender care that I had withheld, that I actually wasn’t able to give my Self before these extreme circumstances.  This was loving my Self compassionately back to life, giving my Self the understanding and love that no one else could.  And from this practice, I trust my Self to take care, to do what I must when I feel lost, unsettled or off to return home again and again and again.

At some point, I began to organically stroke my left hand gently with my right hand, assuring my Self:  I got ya’ girl!  I got ya’ girl!  This simple yet profound practice brings me back to my Self.  Even writing and saying those words silently to my Self fills me with strength, affirms the truth in my ability to stand tall and muster the courage to continue to face life, to be present to my Self and make choices for my highest good and greatest joy.  I don’t have to look outside my Self because all I truly need lies within me.

Taking care of my Self, knowing I always have my own back, trusting my Self more than anyone else, I am equipped to be the friend, the family member, the coach and numerologist who can stand with anyone wherever they are, no matter how messy or ugly it may appear.  I know it all starts with me.  Our relationship with our Self is how we will show up in our relationship to others and the whole of this world.

One of my favorite quotes that has no known author is:  A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you’ve forgotten the words.

The invitation this day is to befriend your Self.  Tune in to whatever you need and give this to your Self generously as you do to others.  Hold your own hand gently yet firmly letting your Self know:  I got ya’ girl!  I got ya’…everything is okay even when it doesn’t feel okay.  Breathe deeply into your body feeling it wash over you, Stand tall with your spine erect, feel your feet grounded into Mother Earth and let her infuse you with a sense of abiding love, hope, peace and joy.  Rest within your Self as you live your life breath by breath, moment by moment, choice by choice, day by day.

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