Friday, June 28, 2013


Some say Fake it till you Make it
And I don’t disagree
That this is useful
But confidence
In its purest form
Is resting in a knowing
Of all we truly are
 And all that lies within us.
It isn’t inflated by false bravado
Rather by silent waves of inner strength
That is a constant flow.
It is the recognition of our Higher Self
Expressed physically
Which bows in awe
And claps
And sings
As it moves through us
In this sacred dance.

If we waited until we were completely confident to do the things we must do or want to do, we would miss opportunities for growth paralyzed by the fear of entering the unknown.  We are all afraid of something.  The instruction:  Fake it till you make it!  can be useful reminding our Self of what already exists deep within, touching that well deep within that ushers us in to more of who we are, awakening potential ready to come out and play as we chant like The Little Engine that Could:   I think I can…I think I can…I can…I can until we crest that mountain top.  We shock the hell out of our Self and become confident in our ability to meet the challenges we face.

Being a young business owner, I can remember dressing the part as I stepped into my new role.  The clothes I wore sharp, polished and androgynous announced:  I am in charge.  I am woman hear me roar but see me as a man.  I was not confident and was deeply afraid of not being taken seriously because I was a woman and because of being young so I needed the clothes to project all that I wanted to be.  It worked.  In time, my inner Self matched my outer Self.  As I relaxed into my Self, I stopped needing the costume because I was no longer playing a part so I began to wear things that were simply me.

There was a petite female doctor with the face of a cherub caring for John who looked 16 years old and will be the eternal girl even when she has grey hair.  He immediately began to tease her because this was just his way saying:  Look!  It’s a girl Doogie Howser.  Girl, how old are you?  Where’d you steal that lab coat from?  She was lovely, smiling as she connected with John and even laughing along with him as she physically examined him.  As she walked out of the room, I followed her into the hall to discuss some of my concerns and being who I am, I just had to let her know that her physical stature and youthful appearance is a gift.  Doctors can be intimidating as most people see them as larger than life.  Patients are in such a vulnerable state when they are sick and hospitalized and doctors can add to the anxiety.  Her gentleness brought a sense of calm in the midst of the health crisis.  She thanked me saying she worries incessantly about being taken seriously.  From my past experience, I assured her:  When you take your Self seriously, when you know who you are, others will take you seriously and see all that you are.  She nodded with a knowing that it all starts with her and it is a process to stand confidently in this world.

I believe it was Emerson who imparted the wisdom of his experience declaring:  The Universe is against me, I have lost confidence in My Self.  When we forget all that we are and the power that lies within us, it definitely feels as if the universe is against us, the weight of the world is perched on our tiny shoulders and taking us down for the count.  We talk to our Self and collect evidence from the past reminding us that we are courageous and fierce warriors of life, slaying dragons in the outside world and demons born of imprints from the past that dwell within our psyches.  Ultimately, all roads lead us back to our Self to rest in and connect with the silent waves of inner strength that are a constant flow; to recognize our Higher Self expressed physically which bows in awe and claps and sings as it moves through us in this sacred dance.

The invitation this day is to do what you must:  fake it till you make AND tune in to the truth of who you are in order to live a life you absolutely love; that reflects the beauty and magnificence that lies within you and fills you with such joy that you walk around all day mumbling silently and smiling from every fiber of your being:  Thank you, thank you, thank you for my life.   

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