Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nature's Poetry: The Story of Us

Nature tells the story of US
But often we overlook
The poetry of our own life:
Being ushered into this physical world
By the soul force of the universe
Where our story unfolds
Through cycles
Through seasons
Through the ebbs and the flows
In ways that leave us Awestruck
And ways that destroy us
Only to rebuild us
Until we are ushered out of this physical world
Our breath and spirit
Echoing through all of creation.

Last night, I got to tell the story of Us, John and me, to a friend which was an absolute treat for me as it feeds me to share the miracle I experienced in his love, in our love.  As the words poured through me, I felt the poetry of it all blow through the depths of me as I know his very breath and spirit echo through all of creation.  Even telling how he died living until the end, I grounded in a sense of perfection in how nature unfolds in a rhythm that is beyond my human understanding, defying the laws of humanity and baffling me with its sweet mystery.

I remember reading a blog written by Ashley Judd during her travels as YouthAIDS ambassador.  She was in Rwanda visiting the mass graves that serve as a reminder of the genocide that occurred there.  There were piles of human skulls and the site of this took the breath out of her body, rocking her and sending her on bended knees weeping for all the souls who were murdered.  She began to pray:  May peace be with you all.  May all of your souls be at peace…In the midst of her horror; she saw a tiny white flower the size of her pinky blooming through one of the skulls.  She wondered how this could be.  How was it possible for a flower to grow out of a pile of skulls?  Then she let go of trying to figure it out and welcomed nature’s poetry, this miracle, this symbol of hope growing through the destruction.

At this point, when I tell the story of Us, John and me, I see the poetry, all the miracles, all the hope that bursts from how his life and my life weaved together to create this powerful partnership that awakened an abiding sense of abundance.  It made no sense as there was nothing logical about Us.  He left for Vietnam the month and year that I was born.  He lived a couple of lifetimes before we had our lifetime together.  I was 24 years old and he was 42 when we connected and blossomed into Us, who we were as individuals and who we became in partnership as the cycles, the seasons, the ebbs and flows transformed us and ushered more of us into the world.

I gripped my heart with gratitude, tears filling my eyes as I shared the moment of John’s death which taught me the mystical nature of our life.  John came to me when he left his body, flooding me with a wave of love that swaddled me with an energy that was so intense I was euphoric, completely blissed out in a way I never had been.  At the moment of this experience I had no idea he had died.  I picked up my cell phone as I was driving because even though we had just spoken an hour before, I just had to say:  Do you know how much I love you?  Oh my, God, I love you.  Thank you for loving me.  Your love is the greatest gift.  Thank you!   This was the message I left on his cell phone, expressing my love through words and he expressed his through energy as he was now in spirit.

The invitation this day is to see Nature’s Poetry mirrored in your personal story, in your own life filled with destruction and rebuilding, where the impossible is revealed as possible, where you know that you are a miracle and your life has meaning beyond the roles you play and yet poetry echoes even in those roles.  Everything connects as we are everything.  There is no separation.  The soul force of the universe that animates our life sustains all of creation.  Be in awe.  It is so damn cool.   

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