Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The white spaces on our calendars:
Brings forward opportunities
For Spontaneity
Where we say YES!
With no forethought
With no expectations
And ride out the experiences
Moment by moment
Enjoying what comes
In the unfolding of the adventure.

Friends from Louisville texted me yesterday morning that they were heading to Nashville for the NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) concert and would arrive around 4:00.  I was finishing my last session of the day right around that time so I offered to pick them at their hotel and take them out for dinner at Tavern, my favorite Nashville spot. 

We had a blast catching up, girl talking about my life as a single woman living in Nashville and the hilarious moments that never cease to surprise me and entertain me.  Our 2 hours together flew by as it fed me with such joy in the easiness of our exchange in a friendship that allows each of us to be where we are without judgment or expectation.  I dropped them off at the Bridgestone Arena and told them to send pictures so I could share in their fun night out on the town, free from the normal demands of their families on a Tuesday night.

There were mobs of women, ranging from their 20’s to their 50’s decked out in hand made NKOTB T-shirts with glitter messages.  They were out to have a good time so I could feel their excitement was they walked the streets of downtown Nashville on a mission to get to the show.

My friend, Amanda, called and asked if I wanted to meet up and try to get tickets for the show and I said:  Yes!  Within 5 minutes, I had parked my car and we were on our way to see what the scalpers had to offer.  We bought our tickets and walked into the show with no expectation other than to have some fun.  Boyz II Men opened the show with their #1 single from 20 years ago I’ll Make Love to You and the sold out arena packed with women went wild and didn’t stop the entire night.  98 Degrees followed and NKOTB headlined playing for 2 hours straight.  The electricity was that of teenage girls fueled with excitement and raging hormones over their dream guys gyrating smoothly on stage, exuding coolness that was Hot! Hot! Hot!, showing us their ripped bodies and making us want to touch them in ways we would never have dared thought of 20 years ago. 

From the moment the show started, we were collectively transported back in time, screaming at the top of our lungs, singing lyrics that we hadn’t sung in years but somehow we still knew, waving our hands back and forth and dancing in ways our bodies remembered to move based on the songs.  Soooooo fun! 

As we exited the arena energized from the show, I said:  That was the best concert that I never knew I wanted to go to.  I would never have planned to go but in the spontaneity made possible by the white space on my calendar where I was free and open, I seized an opportunity that took me on a joy ride that was unexpected.  With no forethought or plan, I dropped completely into the experience, moment to moment and soaked up what came forward. 

What a gift spontaneity had given me:  a grand adventure on a Tuesday night that I never could have planned and actually would have never planned.  Boy bands were not my thing.  I loved Boyz II Men but just kinda sorta liked NKOTB and tolerated 98 Degrees because they were yummy. 

Surprise!  Surprise!  Surprise! continues to be my mantra for the divine comedy that is my life, unfolding in ways that shock the hell out of me and delight my senses in ways that enliven me more and more.  The invitation this day is to clear time, leave white spaces on your calendar where you can blossom from the spontaneity where you are open, free, unscheduled, being and allowing opportunities to hatch.  Say Yes! to something that you would normally pass on and ride out the experience, enjoying what comes from the unfolding adventure.

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