Friday, June 28, 2013

Only One YOU

Appreciate the talent others possess
Be happy for their successes
Wish only good for them
Knowing with all your heart
That you possess talent unique to YOU
And the success of others does not take from YOU
And the good others receive
Is the same good available to YOU
Because this abundant universe
Is truly limitless
Not stingy
Not jealous
Not greedy
And wants you to remember
All that you are
So you can share your gifts generously
With the world.

I was working with a young artist who is scattered in a million directions as he takes on Nashville as a recent college grad and a rising star.  He is interning, producing, writing, and trying to find time to play his beloved guitar.  He shared with great enthusiasm what it felt like to play in a stadium full of 40,000 fans and how this experience keeps him going and doing whatever he has to in order to get back onto the stage.  His confidence wavered as he spoke of all the talent out there in the world.  I agreed with him that there is so much talent AND assured him:  There is only one YOU.

We began to discuss the power of acknowledging:  there is only one YOU and grounding in this truth.  He is a skilled musician, writer and producer who has put in countless hours honing his craft and there are others who have done the same; but each has something unique to put out in the world.  It isn’t about competing with others.  It is about standing in all that you are, owning the gifts and sharing them generously because it feels so damn good to do so and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yes, there will be auditions where he has to “compete” against other talented artists in order to be selected for more opportunities.  But all he truly has to do is show up as himself, know he is good enough, stand in all he is; playing his heart out, trusting that if it is a fit where his talents merge with that of the group, and if it is for his highest good, everything will line up.  It is so simple but not easy.  As humans we are so conditioned to believe life is about competition, instead of knowing each of us has so much talent to offer and there is enough room for us all; and each of us will find the place where we get to share our gifts in this world.

American Idol and The Voice are incredible TV programs that showcase great talent and give opportunities to those looking to break into the music biz.  Some try to imitate their favorite stars but each is uniquely talented; and when they touch that place deep within expressing their authentic voice, magic happens.  The artists who are contestants competing on the shows have such a sense of joy in getting to sing and perform that they remind us that getting to do what they love is everything.  We all win when we realize that living the dream is loving the life we live.

There is a writer that I recently worked with who emailed to share that he had a huge affirmation in regard to life expressing uniquely through him where he saw clearly, beyond concept: There is only one YOU (really!!!).  He had been writing copy regularly over the past year for an on-line magazine but due to vacation and other demands, someone else working on his team at the marketing firm where he is employed was assigned to write it.  He was never credited for the copy so it wasn’t a column where people could see a photo of him and his name in order to build a relationship week after week.  But people noticed that something was different.  Subscribers wrote in commenting on the copy and inquiring what had changed.    

We are human but we are vibrational in that our energy is infused into everything we do.  Our very presence in this world is profound.  Because of our energy, the vibration we put out, we connect with some and don’t with some.  This is okay.  It is not about judging those we don’t connect with as bad or less than us.  It is neutral in that it is what it is.  The people we are drawn to whether they are the Starbuck’s barista, the plumber, our attorney, our doctor or an artist comes from a resonance; and if we trust this inner guidance, we find our way to connect with those who make us feel joyful and feel easy to be with.

The invitation this day is to remember that the talent in this world is vast but there is only one YOU.  Challenge the cultural conditioning around competition and appreciate the talent others possess and be happy for their successes, knowing this same goodness is available to you.  This abundant universe is limitless and YOU are a part of this abundance expressing uniquely in this world.  Have fun!  It is damn good to be you.

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