Saturday, June 15, 2013


To live in gratitude
To give thanks for all that has led us right here
To be in awe of the people who have come in and out
Of our lives
To see the orchestration of our lives
Through deep appreciation
Is to be rich
Living in the abundance that “is”.

I was out the other night when I ran into a friend who I met several months ago and spent very little time with but the impact was great.  The best part about seeing him was getting to tell him the imprint he left on me from our brief exchange.  He was taken aback, not knowing what to do with the gratitude but finally, surrendering and letting it soak in.  As I walked away, I felt light at heart and thanked the heavens that I got this opportunity to express the appreciation for this person who came in and out of my life.

All I could think about was how much gratitude I feel for all the people through the orchestration of my life who have touched me, nourished me and helped me bloom.  I was in awe feeling deeply loved.  The wisdom of Marcel Proust came to mind and I may be botching the exact phrase but it goes something like this:  Let us be grateful for the charming gardeners of our life who make our soul blossom. 

There was no way to reach out to every individual through conventional means so I paused, closed my eyes, put my hands on my heart, bowed my head and sent gratitude to all the beautiful souls who I have crossed paths with whether for a reason, season or lifetime understanding fully that each has played an essential role in my unfolding; and because I know life is an exchange of energy, I too have played some role in their lives.  Some things I can see so clearly and some are beyond me.  But I trust that there are no coincidences in our souls colliding so we could experience each other.

At this point, I can even see the gifts of those who were a source of pain.  I don’t deny that the experiences were hellish but I recognize who I became in the wake of it all, using it to stand in my power as I never had before.  A friend of mine shared that she is going to write a book titled:  The MuthaFer Was An Angel which is her using humor to view her dance with her ex-husband.  She had enough distance, healing and processing to see how it all served and led her here.  To be able to see that we gift each other, as if we are all angels in human form, even in the exchanges we want to wish away allows us to live in the abundance that is, that is beyond the circumstances in which we find our Self in any moment or periods of time.

The invitation this day is to live in gratitude; to give thanks for all that has led you here.  When you see people, let them know the impact they have had on your life and say Thank you!  Thank you is the most powerful phrase we can utter whether we do it silently giving thanks for our life or in appreciation for others or whether we look someone in the eye and express all that lies in our heart.  Don’t wait for Thanksgiving Day.  Make every day Thanksgiving and feel your soul blossom.

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