Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Never Underestimate the Moments of Life

Everything matters.
We often dismiss
The power of our presence
What we are doing
Where we are
All that is happening
In any given moment
As our worlds collide
Synchronicity at play
Unfolding us
Awakening us
Enriching us
With a sense of aliveness
Where we know we matter
And everything matters.

Nothing lightens my heart or makes me happier to be alive than when I am fully present in a moment, experiencing my Self, those I am with, appreciating the connection however brief or extended, seeing with eyes wide open that everything matters far more than I can explain and resting in awe of the synchronicity at play.

It is our natural tendency to underestimate the moments of life when nothing big seems to be happening.  But the paradox of life is what seems big is small and what seems small is actually big.  If we aren’t present to the divinely mundane, the seemingly ordinary moments of life, we miss all that is truly happening, shifting, unfolding to enrich our lives and fill us with a sense of aliveness.  When we are waiting for that big stuff to happen, we dismiss the bigness of life that is actually happening in each moment.

The understanding that everything matters without assigning meaning or trying to define what matters and what doesn’t allows us to be in the moments of life with a sense of purpose beyond concepts, beyond our roles or the jobs we choose.  So many of us walk around this world trying to find our purpose, expressing how we want to live with a sense of purpose, longing to know we matter; when the truth is each of us has purpose far beyond our roles or definition and being present to the moments of life helps us see this and feel this in the connection we experience with our Self, others and world around us as everything collides to create that moment.  And even when we underestimate, undervalue, underappreciate the power of our presence, what we are doing, where we are in any given moment, this doesn’t change the truth that we matter, everything matters.

The invitation this day is to let the moments of your life drip into you, infusing you like an IV full of saline that hydrates, replenishes and nourishes.  Witness how big life is, how big you are not because of anything in particular you do but because you are here, alive, present.  The recognition of this expands everything moment by moment.

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