Friday, June 14, 2013

The Measure of a Day

24 hours
1440 minutes
86,400 seconds
Of linear time
Encapsulated in a day
Moments of rest
Moments of busyness
Pockets of free time
Pockets of overwhelm
This is your life
Unfolding in expected and unexpected ways
Be with it all.

Some days grind away at us, requiring us to push past our comfort zones or focus on things that we would much rather avoid.  Some days are easy where everything comes together effortlessly and joyously that we proclaim aloud:  What a great day!  But the measure of a day whether we feel overwhelmed or free as a bird, whether we declare it good or bad is truly immeasurable as each day brings what it will and our experience of it all is what enriches us. 

A friend made a sign for me:  We remember our life in moments not days because I used to say this and she found comfort in knowing each moment in a day brought forward something new in ways she expected and in ways she didn’t, in ways she wanted it to and ways she didn’t want it to.  There aren’t truly any days that are all bad or all good as the moments weave a tapestry of it all. 

I remember when my brother, Michael, told me that the doctors were stopping all treatment for his metastatic prostate cancer.  We were connected in such a safe space of honestly and vulnerability and deep sadness that his death would come.  He took me into that moment where I knew with clarity I had never experienced that Life is now and someday may never come.  I didn’t want to wait for a cancer diagnosis to live my truest life.  I didn’t want to take this life for granted or dismiss the ever-present beauty in any given day.  And the way I live now has been made possible through the wisdom of moments with Michael where I was shown that we can indeed live lifetimes within a day if we are present to it all come what may.

This day is yours!  This day is your life.  How will you spend this precious gift?  The invitation is to stay open to the experiences and let them in as information, as morsels that feed you with some more pleasing than others.  Be open to the moment.  Be grateful for this moment.  This moment is your life.  Welcome it.  Live it.  Find a way to LOVE IT beyond measure.

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