Sunday, June 2, 2013

It is All About the Fit

The things that fit
At certain times in our lives
Don’t seem to fit anymore.
What used to bring us joy
Comes to pass
And we find new things that fit
Where we are now
At this point on our journey.
It isn’t that one is good and the other is bad.
It is that it just doesn’t fit anymore
And it is all about the fit.

A package arrived for me yesterday with a pair of CAbi jeggings so I immediately put them on and loved the fit.  I had the same exact pair but they were 2 sizes bigger than this new pair.  Because they had been my favorites, I would wear them anyway having to pull them up constantly as they bagged off my butt and left me feeling frumpy.  Michelle Beyers, my CAbi rep who I met at a party 2 years ago taught me it is all about the fit and how much better we look and feel when things actually fit.  I texted her to let her know my order arrived and to thank her for this teaching.

This theme of it is all about the fit poured into my entire day through conversations.  I picked up a friend from the airport who was returning to Nashville after visiting her family.  She spoke of the joy in being with her family, friends and dogs but recognizes that life there just doesn’t fit anymore.  It was draining for her to try to fit into that old life and felt her energy swell as she returned home to Nashville where she feels plugged in to her Self and to life.

Some people I met while out last night were curious about how I arrived at my decision to move here and I found myself saying:  It just didn’t fit anymore…that life didn’t fit and somehow, to my surprise and delight, this new life in Nashville fits.  I went on to say that it wasn’t anything I had planned or had thought I would do.  It was from being so tuned in to my Self that I understood what had brought me joy had come to pass and it was time to explore new things and experiences.  This doesn't come from one thing is good and the other is bad – it simply just doesn’t fit anymore and it is time to move on to something new.

Today marks one month since my move to Nashville, and it feels like the month has played out in dog years as if I have been here forever.  Even with everything new, the inquiry for me continues:  What fits?  What doesn’t fit?  There are places I go and people I meet where I am grateful for the experience but have no desire to go there again or to see those people again.  I don’t have to talk myself in to anything when I allow myself to tune in to my energy, how I feel when I am somewhere or with people.  Energy doesn’t lie.  From this place, I find things that align with where I am now.  And this will continue the rest of my days which excites me to live in wonder and discovery which expands and enriches my life moment by moment, day by day.

The invitation this day is to tune in to your Self exploring What fits?  What doesn’t?  This isn’t about coming up with immediate concrete answers – although some may have already popped into your consciousness – rather, this is a way of observing your life, welcoming the truth of where you are and how you feel and what you want so you can bring in more joy, more love, more life.

The expression:  If the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it is full of wisdom but this isn't always easy.  But I promise this:  When the shoe fits, you will ROCK it!

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