Sunday, June 15, 2014

YOU are the Lamp!

You are the lamp! TRUST the light within YOU to guide you through this day moment by moment; through the shifts and changes that are ALL GOOD but require us to let go and reach for more allowing new life whose time has come. Be your own best friend offering your Self encouraging words, nourishing your Self with unconditional love and acceptance and watch your Self blossom as never before OPENED by the Miracle of LOVE; seeing the Beauty you are! Knowing you matter! You are appreciated! You are made of STARS...the light of the heavens embodied. Bring your JOY to the partay to the celebration of life all day! Your JOY invites others to come along! Your love of living INSPIRES the world. Befriending your Self, you become the truest friend to all! You sing the song in their heart reminding them who they truly are, awakening them to the Magic that lies within. Have the audacity to BELiEVE your Happy Heart is the lamp that LIGHTS UP the world! Happyass dance all day long doing what ya gotta do, being YOU, freeing YOU. May you HAPPYgasm all damn day! Woo woo woofreakinhoo:) you are sooo SPECIAL!! Xoxoxoxo

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