Saturday, June 28, 2014

YOU Freakin MATTER!!!

YOU MATTER!!! Living this human journey, we forget and we remember that we MATTER. Each of us MATTERS! To start the day consciously tuned into this Truth: I MATTER! Shifts and Opens YOU as you ground in a sense of who you are beyond the roles you play, the external identifiers; connecting to your Spirit ever-free, eternally dancing, ROOTED in a deeper sense of Self FEEL the liberation breath by magic breath echoing: YOU MATTER! You are a child of the Universe! YOU are the infinite well of LOVE embodied expressing here on earth. Beyond your idea of a purpose based on conditions that are limited by your finite thinking, there YOU are! The TRUTH of YOU. You Matter! The BEAUTY of YOU and your life sings your truest song of LOVE. YOU Matter! You just do. You matter for no reason other than you exist AND you matter for a million reasons. Hold the paradox of life. You are human and divine. HERE you are! Plug into your Self into Life knowing YOU Matter. Step into the Roles you play doing and being with a sense of JOY in expressing your Self. When you KNOW you matter, you KNOW everyone matters. And the exchange with everyone you pass along the way day by day becomes a rich connection. Say: I MATTER! all damn day and remind others they Matter:)). HAPPYdance:))! And invite others to hear the music within their truest Self, their Sacred Heart. Journey JOYfully! Woo woo woofrickinhoo;))! Xoxox

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