Thursday, June 19, 2014

Welcome the NEW Day!

Stand in this moment, ground In a sense of Self, paint a picture of the day unfolding and revealing more Beauty within you and out in the world. Welcome this day, this NEW beginning, wide OPEN to opportunities, dwelling in the possibilities and inviting more GOOD and expecting Miracles. Take your Self by the hand and TRUST!!! Let go of all the disappointments and fears from the past and come into present time. Acknowledge them. Curse them! Feel it and let it GO!!! Be here in this moment with a clean slate where you can FEEL the blessedness you are and life is. Life is abundant! You are abundant! Receive the abundance, the blessedness, breath by magic breath drinking from the ocean of LOVE within you; freeing your Self from the grips of fear that come so you can allow life to FLOW through you and create miracles all day long. Receiving the blessings moment by moment, YOU have EVERYTHING to give! Focus on what you are doing RIGHT and reprogram old thinking around "what am I doing wrong?!" The more GOOD you see in your Self and your choices, the more GOOD you bring into your life. Believe Believe BELIEVE with all your heart: it is all GOOD! And say this over and over. Say THANK YOU for all the good and FEEL the mountains move within you and out in the world. Smile! Laugh! Play! Sing! Do! Be! It is ON:). Find your way to HAPPY and dance your happyass dance, HAPPYgasming all damn day:)). Woo woo woo woofrickinghoo!! Xo

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