Monday, June 16, 2014

Your Happy HEART creates Miracles!

YOU have a lifetime of Happiness ahead of YOU! This moment, this day, Invite the HAPPY! Tune into your heart using your breath and FEEL it OPEN to life wider and wider. Show UP trusting that right NOW creates the next NOW. We dance with life moment to moment and our Happy heart sings THANK YOU for the gift of this life and creates more happiness as we blossom and grow day by day. On Xmas eve 2010, one month after my husband John died, I was with friends at a Chinese restaurant. Sick with grief, I couldn't eat but was fed by the fortune cookie that delivered this message from the heavens: a lifetime of happiness lies ahead of you! I sobbed and sobbed knowing that this was true. It didn't make the pain go away and I had to let grief do what it MUST to free me; but in the midst of living through my own death of who I was, letting the sky fall, walking into a new lifetime within this lifetime, open to what's next, I experienced depths of HAPPINESS I didn't know existed. John was the happiest person I had ever known and his happy heart inspired mine creating MIRACLES! Gratitude, letting my heart SEE and FEEL what my mind couldn't, I was watered by this power of LOVE. Even in the midst of withering, we are ever-growing and blossoming. Anticipate all the GOOD that is sure to come! Let your heart show you the way to happiness bringing the LIGHT into moments when we feel lost or overwhelmed. Be HAPPY! Let your happyass show you what it truly means to be RICH. Your greatest treasure is your heart! Open it WIDE and HAPPYgasm all damn day! Free the JOY within and FEEL alive! Woo woo woofreakinhoo!!!

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