Saturday, June 14, 2014


This MOMENT is everything! This moment is your life! Breathe IN. Breathe OUT. Let your breath make SPACE for the NEW. Inhale sipping IN awakening the energies within: peace, love, joy, hope...FEEL the amazing grace you embody FREEing you; EXHALE: ahhhhhhh...letting go of worry, doubt, fear, heaviness. NOW. Step into this day anticipating all the GOOD! Be excited to explore the day moment by moment inviting life to SURPRISE you revealing more of YOU...more joy! More peace! More love! Be intentional CLAIMing all you want for this day. FEEL as if everything is happening NOW. Let the possibilities take you into this Dream life IS wide awake. No matter what challenges come. Be unshakable! Stand in ALL that you are grounded in a sense of POWER, knowing this force of LOVE you are, trusting you are supported fully by the universe that only wants to lead you into your truest self and truest life. The point of CREATION is in this moment. All day RETURN to the moment when you feel overwhelmed. Return to your breath and let the valves of life OPEN wider and wider DANCE free in the Beauty. Invite the Infinite to SING songs through YOU not for any other reason than for the JOY of it...because it FEELs damn GOOD to express and be ALIVE. Let your JOY guide this day:). Your HEART knows: life is fucking AWEsome! It is (always!!!!) And YOUR soul knows: YOU are a magnificent masterpiece expressing BRILLIANTLY (always!). Woo woo woo Woofreakinhoo! DO you. Be YOU and feel how badasssss this adventure really is!!

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