Thursday, June 12, 2014

Let GO and let the MAGIC flow!

The MAGIC of life doesn't come from figuring it out; it comes from letting go, living OPEN, showing UP, wandering in WONDER, inviting MORE, flowing, allowing, receiving LIFE fully, discovering new depths, not knowing where we are going but knowing it is gonna be GREAT! Trusting the GREATness within always leading us HOME to our GREATEST Joy! Dance this day from the Music within FREEing the PASSION, living from the INSIDE out, inspiring others to return to this ocean of LOVE ready to express and fuel all your Dreams and Sacred longings:). Let your soul sing your truest song! Celebrate this day with ALL of you! Live! Give yourself permission to let go & Live imperfectly and see the PERFECTION in every moment in everything and in everyone especially YOU! Don't wait delaying your JOY in living. Life is NOW and someday may never come. There will never be another day just like this one so ENJOY it! There will never be another human being just like you so ENJOY being you! Life is AWEsome:)). You are AWEsome!

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