Friday, June 27, 2014

JUMP for the JOY of IT!

Are you ready to FLY? Do you FEEL energies awakening MORE of you inviting YOU to express in new ways, to put yourself OUT there in the world as never before? Do you HEAR that inner call echoing and Daring you to step OUT of your comfort zone and ASK to be launched across the earth like the shooting star you are because where you are is GOOD but you have MORE to give and the JOY in sharing yourself and your gifts excites the hell outa you?!? We are here to FREE the Passion within us, to liberate our Self again and again discovering more of US allowing this LOVE within us to FLOW into the world INSPIRING others to come along; reminding others a RICH life is one you absolutely LOVE where even on the crappiest days:)), you still say THANK YOU for this ride for the privilege of being YOU. Wherever YOU are is PERFECT! Bless this moment. Bless your Self appreciating who YOU are, listing the Beauty of YOU and Life! FEEL this high vibe juju, this LOVE you are multiply. Do this all day and watch LIFE open magnificently! You are a living PRAYER mirroring this LOVE you are for the whole of the world! You are being DANCED by this LOVE...ahhh...let it carry YOU into your greatest JOY! You are poetry in motion...ALL that you are, ALL that you do is SACRED! You MATTER. You are so much heaven here on earth. HAPPYass dance! Skip. Shout. Play. Jump for the JOY of it! YOU are the greatest gift YOU give your Self and the world! Woo woo woofrickinhoo xoxox

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