Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hold the VISION!

Step into this Day walking in FAITH Believing in yourself, knowing the Power that lies within YOU, feeling this force of LOVE fueling YOU with the courage to take the next step even when your aren't sure where it will lead you, TRUSTING it is all Good, letting GO and allowing your inner compass to guide you on this Personal Odyssey into your Greatness where you are connected to your Truest Self living this Dream life IS wide awake. Stops along the way happen! You sit in limbo between where you are and where you wanna go. Life is a constant dance of letting GO and welcoming the New discovering the surprises, the wondrous experiences you could never have planned. Go ahead: kick and scream! I highly recommend a fiery tantrum...AHHHHHhhhhh! The Universe can contain your anger, your Pain and your rage. Acknowledge IT! Don't wish it away. The Stops along the way gift us. Pause. Reflect. Do! Be! Watch more of YOU, more of life come OUT to play for your JOY:)). Use the STOPS, the delays to check-in with your Self and ask: What do I want NOW? What do I need NOW? What's next? And live the answers showing UP fully present to your Self and to life, experiencing every twist, turn, stumble & fall, allowing the clarity to come; expecting treasures to be revealed. The greatest TREASURE is YOU! Wisdom rises, spin the lead into GOLD seeing and laughing out loud that delays are just that; they may rock you but they cannot derail YOU or your Dreams! Stay the course. Hold your Vision. LIVE it ALL and give thanks for even that which you curse:). Woo woo woofrickinhoo:))! Xo

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